Kawasaki Z1000SX - Service manual > Battery Case

Frame / Battery Case

Battery Case Removal

  • Remove:
    Battery (see Battery Removal in the Electrical System chapter)
    Exhaust Butterfly Valve Actuator [A] (see Exhaust Butterfly Valve Actuator Removal in the Fuel System (DFI) chapter)
    Seat Bracket
  • Disconnect:
    Vehicle-down Sensor Connector [B]
    Starter Relay Connector [C]
  • Remove:
    Fuse Box 2 [D]
    Fuse Box 1 [E]
    Bolts [F]
    Clamp [G]
  • Pull the battery case rearward.

Battery Case

  • Remove the clamp [A] (regulator/rectifier lead) from the battery case.
  • Remove the battery case.

Battery Case

Battery Case Installation

  • Installation is the reverse of removal.
  • Install the removed parts (see appropriate chapters).
  • Replace the regulator/rectifier lead clamp with a new one.
  • Run the cables, leads, harness and hose correctly (see Cable, Wire, and Hose Routing section in the Appendix chapter).

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