Honda PCX125 - Owner's Manual

Honda PCX125 - Owner's Manual

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  > Immobilizer system (HISS)

Service information GENERAL When checking the immobilizer system (HISS), follow the steps in the troubleshooting flow chart. Keep the immobilizer key away from the other vehicle's immobilizer key when using it. The jamming of the key code signal may occur and the proper operation of the system will be obstructed. The key has built-in electronic part (transponder). Do not drop and strike the key against a hard material object, and do not leave the key on the dashboard in the car, etc. where the temperature will rise. Do not leave the key in the water for a prolonged time such as by washing the clothes. The ECM as well as the transponder keys must be replaced if all transponder keys have been lost. The system does not function with a duplicated key unless the code is registered into the transponder with the immobilizer system (HISS). The ECM can store up to four key codes (The four keys can be registered). Do not modify the immobilizer system as it can cause the system failure (The engine cannot be started). For ignition system inspection. For ignition switch inspection. For engine stop switch inspection. The following color codes are used throughout this section.

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