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Scooter Safety

Important Safety Information

Your scooter can provide many years of service and pleasure - if you take responsibility for your own safety and understand the challenges you can meet while riding.

There is much that you can do to protect yourself when you ride. You'll find many helpful recommendations throughout this manual. The following are a few that we consider to be most important.

Always Wear a Helmet

It's a proven fact: helmets significantly reduce the number and severity of head injuries. So always wear an approved motorcycle helmet and make sure your passenger does the same. We also recommend that you wear eye protection, sturdy boots, gloves, and other protective gear.

Take Time to Learn & Practice

Even if you have ridden other scooters, take time to become familiar with how this scooter works and handles. Practice in a safe area until you build your skills and get accustomed to the scooter's size and weight.

Because many crashes involve inexperienced or untrained riders, we urge all riders to take a motorcycle operator course approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF).

Ride Defensively

The most frequent scooter collision happens when a car turns left in front of a scooter. Another common situation is a car moving suddenly into your lane.

Always pay attention to other vehicles around you, and do not assume that other drivers see you. Be prepared to stop quickly or make an evasive maneuver. For other riding tips, see the booklet, You and Your Motorcycle Riding Tips, which came with your new scooter.

Make Yourself Easy to See

Some drivers do not see scooters because they are not looking for them. To make yourself more visible, wear bright reflective clothing, position yourself so other drivers can see you, signal before turning or changing lanes, and use your horn when it will help others notice you.

Ride within Your Limits

Pushing limits is another major cause of scooter crashes. Never ride beyond your personal abilities or faster than conditions warrant. Remember that alcohol, drugs, fatigue, and inattention can significantly reduce your ability to make good judgments and ride safely.

Don't Drink and Ride

Alcohol and riding don't mix. Even one drink can reduce your ability to respond to changing conditions, and your reaction time gets worse with every additional drink. So don't drink and ride, and don't let your friends drink and ride either.

Keep Your Honda in Safe Condition

It's important to keep your scooter properly maintained and in safe riding condition. To help avoid problems, inspect your scooter before every ride and perform all recommended maintenance.

Never exceed load limits, and do not modify your scooter or install accessories that would make your scooter unsafe.

Accessories & Modifications

Modifying your scooter or using non- Honda accessories can make your scooter unsafe. Before you consider making any modifications or adding an accessory, be sure to read the following information.

Improper accessories or modifications can cause a crash in which you can be seriously hurt or killed.

Follow all instructions in this owner's manual regarding accessories and modifications.


We strongly recommend that you use only Honda Genuine Accessories that have been specifically designed and tested for your scooter. Because Honda cannot test all other accessories, you must be personally responsible for proper selection, installation, and use of non-Honda accessories.

Check with your Honda dealer for assistance and always follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure the accessory does not obscure any lights, reduce ground clearance and lean angle, limit suspension travel or steering travel, alter your riding position, or interfere with operating any controls.
  • Do not add any electrical equipment that will exceed the scooter's electrical system capacity. A blown fuse can cause a loss of lights or engine power.
  • Do not pull a trailer or sidecar with your scooter. This scooter was not designed for these attachments, and their use can seriously impair your scooter's handling.


We strongly advise you not to remove any original equipment or modify your scooter in any way that would change its design or operation. Such changes could seriously impair your scooter's handling, stability, and braking, making it unsafe to ride.

Removing or modifying your lights, exhaust system, emission control system, or other equipment can also make your scooter illegal.

Safety Labels

Safety labels on your scooter either warn you of potential hazards that could cause serious injury or they provide important safety information. Read these labels carefully and don't remove them.

If a label comes off or becomes hard to read, contact your Honda dealer for a replacement.

Safety Labels

Safety Labels

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