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Basic Operation & Riding / Safe Riding Precautions

Before riding your scooter for the first time, please review the Scooter Safety section beginning on page 1, and the Before Riding section beginning.

Even if you have ridden other scooters, take time to become familiar with how this scooter works and handles. Practice in a safe area until you build your skills and get accustomed to the scooter's size and weight.

Make sure flammable materials such as dry grass or leaves do not come in contact with the exhaust system when riding, idling, or parking your scooter.

Starting & Stopping the Engine

Always follow the proper starting procedure described below.

For your safety, avoid starting or operating the engine in an enclosed area such as a garage. Your scooter's exhaust contains poisonous carbon monoxide gas which can collect rapidly in an enclosed area and cause illness or death.

Your scooter is equipped with a side stand ignition cut-off system. If the side stand is down - the engine cannot be started.

Do not use the electric starter for more than 5 seconds at a time. Release the start button for approximately 10 seconds before pressing it again.

Operate the start button for slightly longer than usual without opening the throttle if the scooter has been left standing for a long time or when the fuel tank has just been refilled.


Before starting, insert the key, turn the ignition switch ON, and confirm the following:

  • The engine stop switch is set to RUN.
  • The PGM-FI malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) is OFF.
  • The high coolant temperature indicator is OFF.

Starting Procedure

This scooter has a fuel-injected engine with an automatic choke. Follow the procedure indicated below.

Any Air Temperature

1. Place the scooter on its center stand.

2. Lock the rear wheel by squeezing the rear brake lever (1) and setting the brake lock knob (2).

Contact with the spinning rear wheel can cause you to be hurt.

Set the brake lock when the scooter is on its center stand.

The electric starter will only work when the brake lever is pulled in and the side stand is up.



  1. rear brake lever
  2. brake lock knob

3. Make sure the engine stop switch is at RUN.

4. Turn the ignition switch (3) ON.



  1. ignition switch

5. With the throttle completely closed, press the start button (4).

The engine will not start if the throttle is fully open (because the electronic control module cuts off the fuel supply).


  1. start button

6. Be sure to keep the throttle (5) closed and the rear brake locked while starting and warming up the engine.

7. Allow the engine to warm up before riding.

Do not ''blip'' (rapidly open and close) the throttle. This action may cause the scooter to move forward suddenly.


  1. throttle

Flooded Engine

If the engine fails to start after repeated attempts, it may be flooded with excess fuel. To clear a flooded engine:

  1. Leave the engine stop switch set to RUN.
  2. Open the throttle fully.
  3. Press the start button for 5 seconds.
  4. Follow the normal starting procedure.
  5. If the engine starts, open the throttle slightly if idling is unstable.
  6. If the engine does not start, wait 10 seconds, then follow steps 1 - 4 again.

If the engine still won't start, refer to If Your Engine Quits or Won't Start.

How to Stop the Engine

Normal Engine Stop

To stop the engine, turn the ignition switch OFF.

The engine stop switch should normally remain in the RUN position even when the engine is OFF.

If your scooter is stopped with the engine stop switch OFF and the ignition switch ON, the taillight, and license light will remain on, resulting in battery discharge.

Emergency Engine Stop

To stop the engine in an emergency, use the engine stop switch. To operate, press the switch to the OFF position.

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    Riding 1. To prevent unexpected movement, make sure the throttle is closed and the rear brake is locked before moving the scooter off its center stand. rear brake lever brake lock knob throttle