Honda PCX125 - Owner's Manual > Basic Operation & Riding

Basic Operation & Riding

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 Honda PCX125 - Owner's Manual > Load Limits & Guidelines

Your scooter has been designed to carry you and one passenger. When you carry a passenger, you may feel some difference during acceleration and braking. But so long as you keep your scooter well-maintained, with good tires and brakes, you can safely carry loads within the given limits and guidelines.

 Honda PCX125 - Owner's Manual > Safe Riding Precautions

Before riding your scooter for the first time, please review the Scooter Safety section beginning on page 1, and the Before Riding section beginning. Even if you have ridden other scooters, take time to become familiar with how this scooter works and handles. Practice in a safe area until you build your skills and get accustomed to the scooter's size and weight.