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Wet brakes

Washing the scooter or riding through water or rain can delay the braking effect due to wet or ( in winter ) ice-covered brake discs and linings.


The brakes must first be operated until they are dry.

Salt film on the brakes

When riding on salted streets without braking for a while, the full braking effect may be delayed.

Oil and grease


The brake discs and linings must be free of oil and grease!

If the scooter is not used for a while , a rust film may form on the brakes and thus increase the braking effect. A thick rust film can cause the brakes to lock up.

When setting out on a ride after a long lay- up period, carefully operate the brakes several times until they work normally.


Make sure you practice braking for emergency situations, but do so where you will not pose a risk to yourself or others (e.g. a deserted parking area).


Operate the brakes to grind off the salt deposited on the brake discs.

Dirty brakes

When riding on dirty streets, the braking effect can be delayed due to dirty brake discs and linings.


Operate the brakes until they are clean.

Lining wear is increased by dirty brakes!




The front bake and rear brake are operated independently from each other.

The front brake is operated via the right-hand brake lever(1)on the handlebars, and the rear brake is operated via the left-hand brake lever(2).

When stopping or slowing down, release the throttle gas and operate both brakes at the same time.


On tight curves, sandy / dirty streets, wet asphalt and icy roads, use the front brake carefully: if the front wheel locks , the bike will slide sideways.

Brake with care. Locked wheels do not have much braking effect and can lead to skidding / crashing. In principle, do not brake on a curve, but before the curve.

Braking on a curve increases the danger of sliding.

Stopping the engine


  • Turn the ignition lock (3) with the ignition key to the position .
  • Pull out the ignition key.

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