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Engine Top End / Camshaft, Camshaft Chain / Camshaft, Camshaft Cap Wear Inspection

  • Remove:
    Upper Chain Guide (see Camshaft Removal)
    Camshaft Caps (see Camshaft Removal)
  • Cut strips of plastigage (press gauge) to journal width.

    Place a strip on each journal parallel to the camshaft installed in the correct position.

  • Measure each clearance between the camshaft journal and the camshaft cap using plastigage [A].
  • Tighten the camshaft cap bolts (see Camshaft Installation).

Camshaft, Camshaft Chain


  • Do not turn the camshaft when the plastigage is between the journal and camshaft cap.

Camshaft Journal, Camshaft Cap Clearance
 Standard: 0.038 - 0.081 mm (0.0015 - 0.0032 in.)
 Service Limit: 0.17 mm (0.0067 in.)

If any clearance exceeds the service limit, measure the diameter of each camshaft journal with a micrometer.

Camshaft Journal Diameter
 Standard: 23.940 - 23.962 mm (0.9425 - 0.9434 in.)
 Service Limit: 23.91 mm (0.9413 in.)

If the camshaft journal diameter is less than the service limit, replace the camshaft with a new one and measure the clearance again.

If the clearance still remains out of the limit, replace the cylinder head unit.

Camshaft Runout Inspection

  • Remove the camshafts (see Camshaft Removal).
  • Set the camshaft in a camshaft alignment jig or on V blocks.
  • Measure runout with a dial gauge at the specified place as shown in the figure.

    If the runout exceeds the service limit, replace the shaft.

Camshaft Runout
 Standard: TIR 0.02 mm (0.0008 in.) or less
 Service Limit: TIR 0.1 mm (0.004 in.)

Camshaft, Camshaft Chain

Cam Wear Inspection

  • Remove the camshafts (see Camshaft Removal).
  • Measure the height [A] of each cam with a micrometer.

    If the cams are worn down past the service limit, replace the camshaft.

Cam Height
  Exhaust 33.743 - 33.857 mm (1.3285 - 1.3330 in.)
  Intake 34.743 - 34.857 mm (1.3678 - 1.3723 in.)  Service Limit:
  Exhaust 33.64 mm (1.324 in.)
  Intake 34.64 mm (1.364 in.)

Camshaft, Camshaft Chain

Camshaft Chain Removal

  • Split the crankcase (see Crankcase Splitting in the Crankshaft/ Transmission chapter).
  • Remove the camshaft chain [A] from the crankshaft sprocket.

Camshaft, Camshaft Chain

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