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Engine Top End / Cylinder Head / Cylinder Compression Measurement


  • Use the battery which is fully charged.


  • Warm up the engine thoroughly.
  • Stop the engine.
  • Remove:
    Stick Coils (see Stick Coil Removal in the Electrical System chapter)
    Spark Plugs (see Spark Plug Replacement in the Periodic Maintenance chapter)
  • Attach the compression gauge [A] and adapter [B] firmly into the spark plug hole.
    • Using the startermotor, turn the engine over with the throttle fully open until the compression gauge stops rising; the compression is the highest reading obtainable.

Special Tools -
 Compression Gauge, 20 kgf/cm²: 57001-221
 Compression Gauge Adapter, M10 × 1.0: 57001-1601
 L-Shape Hose: 57001-1606

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Compression
 Usable Range: 966 - 1 478 kPa (9.9 - 15.1 kgf/cm², 140 - 214 psi) at 280 r/min (rpm)

  • Repeat the measurement for the other cylinders.
  • Install the spark plugs.

    Torque - Spark Plugs: 13 N*m (1.3 kgf*m, 115 in*lb)

    • The following table should be consulted if the obtainable compression reading is not within the usable range.

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head Removal

  • Remove:
    Coolant (Drain, see Coolant Change in the Periodic Maintenance chapter)
    Camshafts (see Camshaft Removal)
    Throttle Body Assy (see Throttle Body Assy Removal in the Fuel System (DFI) chapter)
    Exhaust Pipe (see Exhaust Pipe Removal)
  • Disconnect the water temperature sensor connector [A].
  • Remove:
    Clamps [B]
    Water Hoses [C]

Cylinder Head

  • Remove:
    Timing Rotor (see Timing Rotor Removal in the Electrical System chapter)
    Front Camshaft Chain Guide Bolts [A]
    Front Camshaft Chain Guide [B]
    Rear Camshaft Chain Guide Bolt [C]
    Rear Camshaft Chain Guide [D]

Cylinder Head

  • Loosen:
    Lower Engine Bracket Bolts (Both Sides) [A]
    Upper Engine Mounting Bolts (Left)
  • Remove:
    Upper Engine Mounting Bolts (Right) [B]
  • Loosen:
    Upper Adjusting Collar Locknut [C]
    Special Tool - Engine Mount Nut Wrench: 57001-1450
  • Loosen:
    Upper Adjusting Collar [D]

Cylinder Head

  1. Remove the M6 cylinder head bolts [A].
  2. Loosen the M10 cylinder head bolts as shown sequence [1 - 10] in the figure, and remove them with washers.
  3. Remove the cylinder head.

Cylinder Head

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    NOTE The camshaft cap is machined with the cylinder head, so if a new cylinder head is installed, use the cap that is supplied with the new head.