Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 - Owner's Manual > Ignition switch

Operation of Controls / Ignition switch

OFF: Steering unlock, ignition "OFF"

ON: Steering unlock, ignition "ON"

Operation of Controls


  • Key is common for ignition, petrol tank lock, steering lock and side panels.
  • Key can be removed from fuel tank, side panel only in locked position from the key slots.


  • Turn the handle bar to extreme left or right position.
  • Push the key inside at "OFF" position, press and further turn to anticlockwise direction to lock the steering and remove the key.
  • To unlock, insert the key in steering at lock position, and turn clockwise direction.

Operation of Controls


  • Lift key flap on fuel tank cap and insert key.
  • Turn key clockwise to open.
  • Press cap to lock with key in position.
  • Remove key from cap and close flap.

Operation of Controls


  • DO NOT overfill the fuel tank.
  • Fill fuel only till the bottom of anti splash plate.
  • Over filling may result in gasoline entering the EVAP canister and may damage the Evaporative Emission System.


Gasoline vapour is highly explosive. Please ensure there are no open flames or sparks nearby while refueling and fill fuel only in a well ventilated area.

Please ensure gasoline does not spill on painted surfaces. In case fuel spills over the painted surfaces wipe it off immediately as it may leave a permanent stain.

Do not smoke while refueling or when fuel tank cap is open.


Operation of Controls

  1. Fuel filler collar
  2. Anti splash plate
  3. Maximum fuel level

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