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General Information / Ignition Switch/Steering Lock

This is a four-position, key-operated switch. The key can be removed from the switch when it is in the OFF, LOCK, or position.

Ignition Switch/Steering Lock

  1. Ignition Switch/Steering Lock
  2. ON Position
  3. OFF Position
  4. LOCK Position
  5. Position

Ignition Switch/Steering Lock


When turning the handlebar all the way to the right or left, the space between the handlebar holder and the ignition switch cover becomes very narrow. If an accessory such as a key ring attached to the ignition key is caught in the above narrow space, it could damage ignition switch cover or the related parts.

Avoid using a key accessory that may be caught between the handlebar holder and the ignition switch cover.


  • The tail, city and license plate lights are on whenever the ignition key is in the ON position. One headlight goes on when the starter button is released after starting the engine. To avoid battery discharge, always start the engine immediately after turning the ignition key to "ON".

Ignition Switch/Steering Lock

Left Handlebar Switches

Left Handlebar Switches

  1. Dimmer Switch
  2. Turn Signal Switch
  3. Horn Button
  4. Passing Button
  5. Hazard Switch

Dimmer Switch

High or low beam can be selected with the dimmer switch. When the headlight is on high beam (), the high beam indicator light goes on.

High beam  ()
Low beam  ( )


  • When the headlight is on high beam, both headlights go on. When the headlight is on low beam, only one headlight goes on.

Turn Signal Switch

When the turn signal switch is pushed to the left () or right (), the corresponding turn signals blink on and off.

To stop blinking, push the switch in.

Horn Button

When the horn button is pushed, the horn sounds.

Passing Button

When the passing button is pushed, the headlight high beam (passing beam) goes on to signal the driver of the vehicle ahead that you are about to pass. The passing light is shut off as soon as the button is released.

Hazard Switch

If an emergency requires you to park on the highway shoulder, turn on the hazard lights to warn other drivers of your location.

Push in the hazard switch with the ignition switch in the ON or position.

All the turn signals and turn signal indicator lights will blink on and off.

NOTICE Be careful not to use the hazard lights for more than 30 minutes, otherwise the battery may become totally discharged.

Right Handlebar Switches

Right Handlebar Switches

  1. Engine Stop Switch
  2. Starter Button

Engine Stop Switch

In addition to the ignition switch, the engine stop switch must be in the position for the motorcycle to operate.

The engine stop switch is for emergency use. If required, move the switch to the position.


  • Although the engine stop switch stops the engine, it does not turn off all the electrical circuits. Ordinarily, the ignition switch should be used to stop the engine.

Starter Button

The starter button operates the electric starter when the transmission is in neutral.

Refer to the Starting the Engine section of the "How to Ride the Motorcycle" chapter for starting instructions.

Brake Lever Adjuster

There is an adjuster on the brake lever.

The adjuster has 6 positions so that the released lever position can be adjusted to suit the operator's hands.

Push the lever forward and turn the adjuster to align the number with the mark on the lever holder. The distance from the grip to the released lever is minimum at Number 6 and maximum at Number 1.

Brake Lever Adjuster

  1. Adjuster
  2. Mark

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    This motorcycle has a combination key, which is used for the ignition switch/steering lock, seat lock, and fuel tank cap. Immobilizer System This motorcycle is equipped with an immobilizer system to protect your motorcycle from theft. This motorcycle has two ignition keys. Store the one ignition key and the key tag in a safe place. If all ignition keys are lost, registering new codes for replacement ignition keys into the electronic control unit is impossible. Registering additional ignition key should be done by an authorized Kawasaki dealer. Blank keys are available at your Kawasaki dealers.

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    Fuel Tank Cap To open the fuel tank cap, pull up the key hole cover. Insert the ignition key into the fuel tank cap and turn the key to the right. To close the cap, push it down into place with the key inserted. The key can be removed by turning it to the left to the original position. Close the key hole cover.