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Keeping your motorcycle well-maintained is absolutely essential to your safety and to protect your investment, obtain maximum performance, avoid breakdowns, and reduce air pollution. Maintenance is the owner's responsibility. Be sure to inspect your motorcycle before each ride, perform the periodic checks specified in the Maintenance Schedule.


Improperly maintaining your motorcycle or failing to correct a problem before you ride can cause a crash in which you can be seriously hurt or killed.

Always follow the inspection and maintenance recommendations and schedules in this owner's manual.

Maintenance Safety

Always read the maintenance instructions before you begin each task, and make sure that you have the tools, parts, and skills required.

We cannot warn you of every conceivable hazard that can arise in performing maintenance. Only you can decide whether or not you should perform a given task.

Follow these guidelines when performing maintenance.

  • Stop the engine and remove the key.
  • Park your motorcycle on a firm, level surface using the side stand or a maintenance stand to provide support.
  • Allow the engine, muffler, brakes, and other high-temperature parts to cool before servicing as you can get burned.
  • Run the engine only when instructed, and do so in a well-ventilated area.

Maintenance Schedule

The maintenance schedule specifies the maintenance requirements necessary to ensure safe, dependable performance, and proper emission control.

Maintenance work should be performed in accordance with Honda's standards and specifications by properly trained and equipped technicians. Your dealer meets all of these requirements. Keep an accurate record of maintenance to help ensure that your motorcycle is properly maintained.

Make sure that whomever performs the maintenance completes this record.

All scheduled maintenance is considered a normal owner operating cost and will be charged for by your dealer. Retain all receipts. If you sell the motorcycle, these receipts should be transferred with the motorcycle to the new owner.

Honda recommends that your dealer should road test your motorcycle after each periodic maintenance is carried out.

Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Level

: Intermediate. We recommend service by your dealer, unless you have the necessary tools and are mechanically skilled.

Procedures are provided in an official Honda Shop Manual.

: Technical. In the interest of safety, have your motorcycle serviced by your dealer.

Maintenance Legend

: Inspect (clean, adjust, lubricate, or replace if necessary)

: Lubricate

: Replace

Maintenance Schedule


*1 : At higher odometer readings, repeat at the frequency interval established here.
*2 : Service more frequently when riding in unusually wet or dusty areas.
*3 : Replacement requires mechanical skill.

Maintenance Schedule

Pre-ride Inspection

To ensure safety, it is your responsibility to perform a pre-ride inspection and make sure that any problem you find is corrected. A pre-ride inspection is a must, not only for safety, but because having a breakdown, or even a flat tyre, can be a major inconvenience.

Check the following items before you ride motorcycle:

  • Fuel level − Fill fuel tank when necessary.
  • Throttle − Check for smooth opening and full closing in all steering positions.
  • Engine oil level − Add engine oil if necessary. Check for leaks.
  • Coolant level − Add coolant if required.

    Check for leaks.

  • Drive chain − Check condition and slack, adjust and lubricate if necessary.
  • Brakes − Check operation; Front and Rear: check brake fluid level and pads wear.
  • Lights and horn − Check that lights, indicators and horn function properly.
  • Engine stop switch − Check for proper function.
  • Clutch − Check operation; Adjust freeplay if necessary.
  • Side stand ignition cut-off system − Check for proper function.
  • Wheels and tyres − Check condition, air pressure and adjust if necessary.

Replacing Parts

Always use Honda Genuine Parts or their equivalents to ensure reliability and safety.

When ordering coloured components, specify the model name, colour, and code mentioned on the colour label. The colour label is attached to the frame under the seat.

Replacing Parts


Installing non-Honda parts may make your motorcycle unsafe and cause a crash in which you can be seriously hurt or killed.

Always use Honda Genuine Parts or equivalents that have been designed and approved for your motorcycle.

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