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This motorcycle has two ignition keys and a key tag with a key number and a bar code.

The ignition key contains a special coded chip that is recognized by the immobilizer system (HISS) in order to start the engine. Handle the key carefully to prevent damaging the HISS components.

  • Do not bend keys or subject them to undue stress.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or high temperatures.
  • Do not grind, drill or in any way alter their shape.
  • Do not expose to strong magnetic objects.

If you lose all keys and the key tag, the PGM-FI unit/ignition control module must be replaced by your dealer. To avoid this, keep a duplicate key.

If you lose a key, make another duplicate key immediately.

To make a duplicate key and register it with your HISS system, take the spare key, the key tag, and the motorcycle to your dealer.

  • Store the tag in a safe location.

A metal key holder may cause damage to the area surrounding the ignition switch.


Instruments, Controls, & Other Features

Ignition Switch

The headlight is always on when the ignition switch is ON. Leaving the ignition switch ON with the engine stopped will drain the battery.

Do not turn the key while riding.

Engine Stop Switch

Do not use the engine stop switch except in an emergency. Doing so when riding will cause the engine to suddenly turn off, making riding unsafe.

If you stop the engine using the engine stop switch, turn the ignition switch off. Failing to do so will drain the battery.


The display locks at 999999 when the read-out exceeds 999999.


The tripmeter A, B returns to 0.0 when the read-out exceeds 9999.9.


The Honda Ignition Security System (HISS) immobilizes the engine's ignition system if an improperly-coded key is used to try and start the engine. When the ignition switch is turned off, the HISS immobilizer system is always alert, even if the HISS indicator is not flashing.

If the ignition switch is turned on with the engine stop switch in the (Run) position, the HISS indicator turns on and goes off after a few seconds to indicate it is OK to start the engine.

The HISS indicator starts flashing every 2 seconds for 24 hours after the ignition switch is turned off. You can turn this feature on and off.

Document Bag

The owner's manual, registration, and insurance information can be stored in the plastic document bag located underside of the seat.

Ignition Cut-off System

A banking (lean angle) sensor automatically stops the engine and fuel pump if the motorcycle falls over. To reset the sensor, you must turn the ignition switch to OFF and back to the ON position before the engine can be restarted.

Fuels Containing Alcohol

Some conventional fuels blended with alcohol are available in some locales to help reduce emissions to meet clean air standards. If you plan to use blended fuel, check that it is unleaded and meets the minimum octane rating requirement.

The following fuel blends can be used in your motorcycle:

  • Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) up to 10% by volume.
    • Petrol containing ethanol may be marketed under the name Gasohol.

The use of petrol containing more than 10% ethanol may:

  • Damage the painting of the fuel tank.
  • Damage the rubber tubes of the fuel line.
  • Cause corrosion of the fuel tank.
  • Cause poor drivability.

NOTICE Use of blended fuels containing higher than approved percentages can damage metal, rubber, plastic parts of your fuel system.

If you notice any undesirable operating symptoms or performance problems, try a different brand of petrol.

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