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Service Instructions / Lay-up / commission


  • Clean the scooter.
  • Remove the battery.

    Observe the maintenance instructions.

  • Spray suitable lubricants onto the brakelever and clutch-lever joints and the sidestandard and main-standard bearings.
  • Rub bright / chromium-plated parts with acid- free grease (Vaseline).
  • Store the scooter in a dry room and jack it up so that its weight is not on the wheels.


Combine lay-up / commission activities with an inspection by a dealer.


  • Remove the preservation agents from the outside.
  • Clean the motorcycle.
  • Install the charged battery.
  • Preserve the battery terminals with terminal grease.
  • Check / adjust the tyre pressure.
  • Check the brakes.
  • Carry out activities according to the inspection plan.
  • Carry out the safety checks.

Technical changes, accessories and spare parts


Technical changes to the scooter can lead to cancellation of the EC operating license.

Should you want to make technical changes, observe our guidelines. This will serve to prevent the scooter from being dam-aged and the traffic and operational safety being retained. A specialised dealer can carry out these activities with meticulous care.

Always consult a dealer before buying accessories or making any technical changes.


We recommend using only approved accessories and original spare parts for our scooter.

This is in your own interests : the safety, suitability and reliability f these accessories and parts will have been tested specifically for the scooter.

Although we keep track of the market, we cannot evaluate nor be held liable for the quality of non-approved accessories and parts, even if they have a certificate of acceptance from an officially recognised technical testing / supervision agency, or a license issued by the authorities.

For approved accessories and original spare parts, see a specialised dealer.

He will also ensure that they are professionally installed.

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    NOTE Regular, expert service will help maintain the value of your scooter and is a condition for guarantee claims for corrosion and other such damage.

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