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Operation / Lights

Low-beam headlight and parking lights

The parking lights come on automatically when the ignition is switched on.

NOTICE The parking lights are a strain on the battery. Do not leave the ignition switched on longer than absolutely necessary.

The low-beam headlight switches on automatically when the engine is started.

High beam and headlight flasher

  • Switching on ignition


  • Press switch 1 toward front to switch on high beam.
  • Pull switch 1 toward rear to actuate headlight flasher.

Headlight courtesy delay feature

  • Turn off ignition.


  • Immediately after turning off the ignition, pull switch 1 back and hold until the headlight courtesy delay feature turns on.
    • The vehicle lights light up for one minute and then turn off automatically.
    • This can be used after parking the vehicle in order to illuminate the path to the house door, for instance.

Parking lights

  • Switch off ignition

Parking lights

  • Immediately after switching off the ignition, push button 1 to left and hold it until the parking lamps come on.
  • Switch ignition on and then off again to switch off parking light.

Additional headlight

  • with LED additional headlight OA


The auxiliary headlights are only active if the low-beam headlight is active.

NOTICE The auxiliary headlights are approved for use as fog lights and may only be used in poor weather conditions. Comply with the country-specific road traffic regulations.

  • Starting engine


  • Press button 1 to turn on the additional headlight.

The indicator light for the additional headlight lights up.

  • Press button 1 again to turn off the additional headlight.

Hazard warning flashers

Operating hazard warning flashers

  • Switching on ignition

NOTICE The hazard warning flashers place a strain on the battery.

Do not use the hazard warning flashers for longer than absolutely necessary.

Hazard warning flashers

  • Press button 1 to switch on the hazard warning lights system.
    • Ignition can be switched off.
  • To switch off the hazard warning lights system, switch on the ignition, as required, and press button 1 once again.

Turn indicators

Operating turn signals

  • Switching on ignition

Turn indicators

  • Press button 1 to left to switch on left-side turn signals.
  • Press button 1 to right to switch on right-side turn signals.
  • Move button 1 to center position to switch off turn signals.

Comfort turn signals

Comfort turn signals

When button 1 is pressed to the right or left, the turn signal automatically turns off under the following conditions:

  • Speed is under 18 mph (30 km/h): after traveling a distance of 165 ft (50 m).
  • Speed is between 18 mph and 60 mph (30 km/h and 100 km/h): after covering a particular distance depending on the speed or when accelerating.
  • Speed is above 60 mph (100 km/h): after turn signal flashes five times.

When button 1 is pressed and held slightly longer to the right or left, the turn signals will only turn off automatically after reaching the distance depending on the speed.

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