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General Information / Meter Instruments

Meter Instruments

  1. MODE Button
  2. RESET Button
  3. Left Turn Signal Indicator Light
  4. Tachometer
  5. ABS Indicator Light (only on ABS model)
  6. High Beam Indicator Light
  7. Neutral Indicator Light
  8. Right Turn Signal Indicator Light
  9. Digital Meter
  10. Warning Indicator Light

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The digital meter displays the following functions: the speedometer, clock, trip meter AB, odometer, fuel gauge, oil pressure warning symbol, immobilizer warning symbol, coolant temperature warning symbol and fuel injection warning symbol. When the ignition key is turned to "ON", all the LCD segments are displayed for about one second, then, depending on the mode selected, the meters operate normally. Speedometer Oil Pressure Warning Symbol () Immobilizer () Coolant Temperature () Fuel Injection () Clock Odometer/Trip Meter AB Fuel Gauge