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Engine Top End / Muffler / Muffler Body Removal

WARNING The exhaust pipe or muffler body can become extremely hot during normal operation and cause severe burns. Do not remove the exhaust pipe or muffler body while it is hot.

Left Muffler Body

  • Loosen the muffler body clamp bolt [A].
  • Remove:
    Left Muffler Body Mounting Bolt [B] and Nut
    Left Muffler Body [C]


Right Muffler Body

  • Clear the exhaust butterfly valve cables [A] from the clamp [B].


  • Remove:
    Rear Lower Fairing (see Rear Lower Fairing Removal in the Frame chapter)
  • Remove the holder clamp bolt [A] to free the holder clamp [B] from the frame.


  • Slide the dust covers [A].
  • Loosen the locknuts [B], and turn the adjusters [C] to give the cable plenty of play.


  • Remove:
    Muffler Body Clamp Bolt [A] (Loosen)
    Right Muffler Body Mounting Bolt [B] and Nut
    Right Muffler Body [C] (with the cable installed)


  • Remove:
    Bolts [A]
    Exhaust Butterfly Valve Pulley Cover [B]


  • Loosen the locknuts [A].
  • Remove the cable lower ends [B].


Muffler Body Installation

  • Replace the muffler body gaskets [A] with new ones.
  • Install the muffler body gaskets until it is bottomed so that the inside chamfer side faces rear [B].
  • Install the muffler body clamps [C] so that the insert the projection [D] into the clamp slit [E].
    Downside [F]
    Inside [G]
    Viewed from Rear [H]
  • Install the exhaust butterfly valve cables (see Exhaust Butterfly Valve Cable Installation).
  • Install the muffler bodies until it stops at the bottom surface of the exhaust pipe.
  • Install the muffler body mounting bolts and nuts.
  • Tighten:
    Torque - Muffler Body Mounting Bolts [I]: 34 N*m(3.5 kgf*m, 25 ft*lb)
  • Turn the muffler body clamps outward until it stops at the slit ends.
  • Tighten:
    Torque - Muffler Body Clamp Bolt [J]: 21 N*m (2.1 kgf*m, 15 ft*lb)


  • Thoroughly warm up the engine, wait until the engine cools down, retighten all the bolts and nuts.
  • Install the removed parts (see appropriate chapters).
    • When installing, run the cables correctly (see Cable, Wire, and Hose Routing section in the Appendix chapter).

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