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Pre-operational Checks, Starting / Pre-operational Checks

A careful check on the following aspects must be carried out every time before riding and especially after long periods of storage to determine if any additional maintenance is necessary.

1. Adequate fuel in the tank for the journey planned.

2. Tyres for correct pressure, abrasions or cuts.

3. Ensure chain for proper tension and sufficient lubrication.

4. Brakes, clutch, steering and throttle for proper responsiveness.

5. Handle bar controls for smooth operation.

6. Engine oil level.

7. Wheel spokes for proper tightness and damage.

8. Headlamp, tail lamp, brake lamp and indicator lamps for proper functioning.

9. Proper functioning of all the warning lamps in the instrument cluster.


For your personal welfare and safety, all the points mentioned above should be performed periodically. Failure to do so may affect safe operation, damage your motorcycle and could result in an accident causing serious injury or loss of life.

Running in Period

The Royal Enfield Motorcycle as you would be experiencing is capable of consistent high speeds. However as with any new motorcycle, a "RUNNING-IN" procedure is essential to help in proper "Bedding-In" of the various moving parts in your motorcycle and to achieve optimum performance subsequently.

1. DO NOT exceed maximum specified pay load.

2. Warm up the engine for a few minutes at idling speed to allow engine oil to lubricate all the moving parts in the engine before riding the motorcycle.

3. Avoid full throttle operation and do not ride at constant throttle continuously. Vary the speed by 10% while riding.

4. It is recommended to use half clutch condition when commuting in the city traffic condition alone (Engine RPM around idling to 2000 RPM) at 1st gear condition. In Other gears and higher RPM avoid using half clutch which will proportionately reduce the clutch life. During acceleration / deceleration disengage the clutch completely, shift the gear and engage the clutch gradually (Not too slowly).

5. Ride at proper speed and avoid sudden accelerations and braking.

6. Avoid riding motorcycle continuously for over an hour, it is recommended to take brief stop.


The below table indicates the recommended engine speed in rpm for optimum performance of the engine.

Running in Period

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    To shift into neutral, move the motorcycle back and forth gently, while simultaneously shifting the gear. Ensure gear is in neutral position and the neutral lamp is glowing in the instrument cluster. Turn ignition key to "ON" position and engine kill switch on right hand side handle bar to "RUN" position . When both the ignition and engine kill switch is in "ON" position and after the vehicle is started, the MIL will glow for a few seconds and turns "OFF", this indicates that all the function of the electronic fuel injection (EFI) system is functioning normally. In the event of any malfunction in the EFI system the MIL will glow continuously.