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Maintenance and Lubrication / Safe Operating Maintenance

Perform the service and maintenance operations as indicated in the regular service interval table. Lack of regular maintenance at the recommended intervals can affect the safe operation of your motorcycle, which could result in death or serious injury.

When lifting a motorcycle using a jack, be sure jack contacts both lower frame tubes where down tubes and lower frame tubes converge. Never lift by jacking on cross-members, oil pan, mounting brackets, components or housings. Failure to comply can cause serious damage resulting in the need to perform major repair work.

Good maintenance creates a safe motorcycle. A careful check of certain equipment must be made after periods of storage. Also, frequently inspect the motorcycle between the regular service intervals to determine if additional maintenance is necessary.

Check the following items:

1. Tires for correct pressure, abrasions or cuts.

2. Belt and primary chain for proper tension, wear or damage.

3. Brakes, steering and throttle for responsiveness and freedom from binding.

4. Brake fluid level and condition. Hydraulic lines and fittings for leaks. Also, check brake pads and discs for wear.

5. Cables for fraying or crimping and free operation.

6. Engine oil and primary chaincase/transmission fluid levels.

7. Headlamp, tail lamp, stop lamp and turn signals for proper operation.

Break-In Maintenance

NOTE: The performance of new motorcycle initial service is required to keep your new motorcycle warranty in force and for proper emissions system operation.

After a new motorcycle has been ridden 1000 mi 1600 km , visit an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer for initial service. Refer to Regular Service Intervals: 2016 Sportster Models.

Disposal and Recycling

Help protect our environment! Many communities maintain facilities for recycling used fluids, plastics and metals. Dispose of or recycle used oil, lubricants, fuel, coolant, brake fluid and batteries in accordance with local regulations. Many Harley-Davidson parts and accessories are made of plastics and metals which can also be recycled.

Engine Lubrication

Prolonged or repeated contact with used motor oil may be harmful to skin and could cause skin cancer. Promptly wash affected areas with soap and water.

If engine oil is swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Contact a physician immediately. In case of contact with eyes, immediately flush with water. Contact a physician if irritation persists.

Do not switch lubricant brands indiscriminately because some lubricants interact chemically when mixed. Use of inferior lubricants can damage the engine.

Engine oil is a major factor in the performance and service life of the engine. Use the proper grade of oil for the lowest temperature expected before the next oil change. Refer to Recommended Engine Oils.

This motorcycle was originally equipped with GENUINE HARLEY-DAVIDSON H-D 360 MOTORCYCLE OIL 20W50. H-D 360 is the preferred oil under normal operating conditions. If operation under extreme cold or heat are expected, refer to Recommended Engine Oils for alternative choices.

If H-D 360 is not available, add oil certified for diesel engines. Acceptable designations include: CH-4, CI-4 and CJ-4.

The preferred viscosities, in descending order are: 20W50, 15W40 and 10W40.

At the first opportunity, see an authorized dealer to change back to 100 percent Harley-Davidson oil.

Recommended Engine Oils

Recommended Engine Oils

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    Removing and Replacing Oil Filler Cap 1. Park the motorcycle on level ground. 2. See Filler Cap Location. Remove the filler cap from the oil tank. Press straight down on the filler cap and release. The cap will pop up. Pull up on the filler cap while turning counterclockwise one-quarter turn as if removing the filler cap.