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Safety information, Description

Safety information

Be a Responsible Owner

As the vehicle's owner, you are responsible for the safe and proper operation of your motorcycle.

Motorcycles are single-track vehicles.

Their safe use and operation are dependent upon the use of proper riding techniques as well as the expertise of the operator. Every operator should know the following requirements before riding this motorcycle.

He or she should:

  • Obtain thorough instructions from a competent source on all aspects of motorcycle operation.
  • Observe the warnings and maintenance requirements in this Owner's Manual.
  • Obtain qualified training in safe and proper riding techniques.
  • Obtain professional technical service as indicated in this Owner's Manual and/or when made necessary by mechanical conditions.
  • Never operate a motorcycle without proper training or instruction.

    Take a training course. Beginners should receive training from a certified instructor. Contact an authorized motorcycle dealer to find out about the training courses nearest you.

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Perform the pre-operation checks each time you use the vehicle to make sure it is in safe operating condition. Failure to inspect or maintain the vehicle properly increases the possibility of an accident or equipment damage. This motorcycle is designed to carry the operator and a passenger. The failure of motorists to detect and recognize motorcycles in traffic is the predominating cause of automobile/motorcycle accidents.