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Security System / Security System Fob

Fob Assignment

See Fob: Security System. Key fobs are electronically assigned to the security system by a Harley-Davidson dealer so that the motorcycle can recognize a fob's unique signal. Only two fobs can be assigned at any one time.

Replacement fobs can be purchased from a dealership but can only be assigned to the motorcycle by a trained Harley-Davidson technician.


  • The reusable label found on the fob packaging lists the serial number of the fob. For reference, affix the label to a blank "NOTES" page in this Owner's Manual.
  • The serial number of the fob is also found on the inside of the fob. See Fob Battery.
  • The module will arm only if the fob has been assigned by a Harley-Davidson dealer and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) has been entered in the system. The PIN should be recorded on the Personal
  • Information page in the front of this Owner's Manual and on the removable wallet card.
  • Should the rider misplace the fob or if the fob fails, the rider can refer to the wallet card and use the PIN to manually disarm the system. See Arming and Disarming and Troubleshooting.
  • The rider can change the PIN at any time. See Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Riding with a Fob

Always carry the fob when riding, loading, fueling, moving, parking or servicing the motorcycle. Carry the fob in a convenient pocket.

Do not leave the fob attached to the handlebars or store the fob in a luggage compartment. Unintentionally leaving the fob with the motorcycle when it is parked prevents the system from activating the alarm.

Do not ride with the fob stored in a metal case or with the fob closer than 3.0 in 76 mm to a mobile phone, PDA, display or other electronic device.

Any electromagnetic interference may prevent the fob from disarming the system.

For added security, always lock the fork and remove the key when parked. If the fob is within range and the motorcycle is unlocked, tampering with the motorcycle will not activate the alarm.

Riding without a Fob

If the motorcycle is ridden off without the fob, the odometer window temporarily displays "NO FOB." To restart a motorcycle without a fob, disarm the security system with the PIN.

Fob: Security System Fob: Security System

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

The personal identification number (PIN) is a number that can be used to disarm the security system. Use the PIN in case the assigned fob is misplaced, fails or if the fob cannot communicate with the motorcycle because of electromagnetic interference.

A PIN is a five-digit number (19, no zeros).

Changing the PIN

The rider can change the PIN at any time. Refer to Changing the PIN.

Changing the PIN

Changing the PIN

Security Status Indicator

See Instrument Lamps. The security lamp in the speedometer face indicates the status of the security system.

  • Armed: A lamp that blinks approximately every 3 seconds indicates that the system is armed.
  • Disarmed: After the system disarms and the ignition is on, the lamp will remain illuminated for approximately four seconds and then turn off.
  • Service: If the lamp remains lit continuously, see a Harley-Davidson dealer.

Arming and Disarming


When the motorcycle is parked and the OFF/RUN switch is set to OFF, the security system arms automatically within five seconds if no motion is detected.

Even when the fob is present, the system will arm.

On arming, the turn signals will flash twice and the siren will chirp twice. While armed, the indicator lamp in the speedometer face will flash every three seconds.

NOTE: The system must be in the Chirp Mode for the siren to chirp on arming or on disarming. See Siren Chirp Mode (Confirmation).


Once disarmed, the rider may ride or move the motorcycle for parking, storage or service without setting off the alarm.

Fob: An armed security system is automatically disarmed when the fob is present and the OFF/RUN switch is set to RUN.

When the system disarms, the siren will chirp once and the security indicator lamp will illuminate for a solid four seconds and then turn off.

NOTE: On any motion, like lifting the motorcycle up off of its jiffy stand, the system will electronically "poll" for the presence of the fob. If the fob is present, the system disarms.

Personal Identification Number (PIN): If the fob is misplaced or if the present fob fails to communicate, the system can be disarmed with the Personal Identification Number (PIN). Refer to Entering a PIN to Disarm Security System.

Disarming with a PIN


  • At any time during a PIN disarm, if the fob is brought within range of the motorcycle, the security system will disarm when the system receives the coded signal from the fob.
  • If a mistake is made while entering PIN, wait two minutes before another disarming attempt.
  • The security system will remain disarmed until the OFF/RUN switch is set to OFF.

Entering a PIN to Disarm Security System

Entering a PIN to Disarm Security System

Entering a PIN to Disarm Security System

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