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Frame / Sidestand

Sidestand Removal

  • Raise the rear wheel off the ground with the stand.
  • Remove:
    Sidestand Switch Bolt [A] and Nut [B]
    Sidestand Switch [C]


  • Remove:
    Spring [A]
    Sidestand Nut [B]
    Sidestand Bolt [C]
    Sidestand [D]


Sidestand Installation

  • Apply grease to the sliding area [A] of the sidestand [B].
  • Replace the sidestand nut [C] with a new one.
  • Tighten the bolt with the nut.

    Torque - Sidestand Bolt [D]: 44 N*m (4.5 kgf*m, 32 ft*lb)

  • Hook the spring [E] so that the long spring end faces upward.
    • Install the spring hook direction as shown in the figure.


  • Install the sidestand switch.
  • Fit the slit [A] on the sidestand switch to the pin [B] on the sidestand.
  • Apply a non-permanent locking agent to the thread of the switch bolt, and tighten it.

    Torque - Sidestand Switch Bolt: 8.8 N*m (0.90 kgf*m, 78 in*lb)


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