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How to Ride the Motorcycle / Starting the Engine

  • Check that the engine stop switch is in the position.

Starting the Engine

  1. Engine Stop Switch
  2. Starter Button
  • Turn the ignition key to "ON".
  • Make sure the transmission is in neutral.

Starting the Engine

  1. Neutral Indicator Light
  2. Ignition Switch
  3. ON Position


  • The motorcycle is equipped with a vehicle-down sensor, which causes the engine to stop automatically and the fuel injection warning symbol to blink when the motorcycle falls down and the starter button pushed in.

    After righting the motorcycle, first turn the ignition key to "OFF" and then back to "ON" for a few seconds before starting the engine.


  • After the meter operation check, leaving the throttle completely closed, push the starter button.

NOTICE Do not operate the starter continuously for more than 5 seconds, or the starter will overheat and the battery power will drop temporarily.

Wait 15 seconds between each operation of the starter to let it cool and the battery power recover.


  • The motorcycle is equipped with a starter lockout switch. This switch is designed so that the engine does not start if the transmission is in gear and the side stand is down. However, the engine can be started if the clutch lever is pulled and the side stand is fully up.

Starting the Engine

  1. Clutch Lever
  2. Starter Lockout Switch

NOTICE Do not let the engine idle longer than five minutes, or engine overheating and damage may occur.

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    If your motorcycle battery is "run down", it should be removed and charged. If this is not practical, a 12 volt booster battery and jumper cables may be used to start the engine.