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Steering Play Inspection

  • Remove the lower fairing (see Lower Fairing Removal in the Frame chapter).
  • Raise the front wheel off the ground with the jack (see Front Wheel Removal in the Wheels/Tires chapter).
  • With the front wheel pointing straight ahead, alternately tap each end of the handlebar. The front wheel should swing fully left and right from the force of gravity until the fork hits the stop.

    If the wheel binds or catches before the stop, the steering is too tight.

  • Feel for steering looseness by pushing and pulling [A] the forks.

    If you feel looseness, the steering is too loose.



  • The cables and wiring will have some effect on the motion of the fork which must be taken into account.
  • Be sure the leads and cables are properly routed.
  • The bearings must be in good condition and properly lubricated in order for any test to be valid.

Steering Play Adjustment

  • Remove:
    Upper Fairing Bracket (see Upper Fairing Bracket Removal in the Frame chapter)
    Handlebar (see Handlebar Removal in the Steering chapter)
    Steering Stem Head Bolt Plug [A]
    Steering Stem Head Bolt [B]
    Upper Front Fork Clamp Bolts [C] (Loosen)
    Stem Head [D]


  • Bend the claws [A] of the claw washer back.
  • Remove the steering stem locknut [B] and claw washer [C].


  • Adjust the steering.

    Special Tool - Steering Stem Nut Wrench [A]: 57001-1100

If the steering is too tight, loosen the stem nut a fraction of a turn.

If the steering is too loose, tighten the stem nut a fraction of a turn.


  • Turn the stem nut 1/8 turn at time maximum.


  • Install the claw washer [A] so that its bent side [B] faces upward, and engage the bent claws with the grooves of stem locknut [C].
  • Hand tighten the stem locknut until the claw washer touches the steering stem nut.
  • Tighten the stem locknut clockwise until the claws are aligned with the grooves (ranging from 2nd to 4th) of stem nut [D], and bend the 2 claws downward [E].
  • Install the stem head.
  • Tighten:
    Torque -
     Steering Stem Head Bolt: 108 N*m (11.0 kgf*m, 79.7 ft*lb)
     Upper Front Fork Clamp Bolts: 20 N*m (2.0 kgf*m, 15 ft*lb)


  • Check the steering again.

    If the steering is still too tight or too loose, repeat the adjustment.

  • Install the removed parts (see appropriate chapters).

Steering Stem Bearing Lubrication

  • Remove the steering stem (see Stem, Stem Bearing Removal in the Steering chapter).
  • Using a high-flash point solvent, wash the upper and lower ball bearings in the cages, and wipe the upper and lower outer races, which are press-fitted into the frame head pipe, clean off grease and dirt.
  • Visually check the outer races and the ball bearings.

    Replace the bearing assemblies if they show wear or damage.

  • Pack the upper and lower ball bearings [A] in the cages with grease, and apply a light coat of grease to the upper and lower outer races.
  • Install the steering stem (see Stem, Stem Bearing Installation in the Steering chapter).
  • djust the steering (see Steering Play Adjustment).


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