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Operation / Steering and ignition lock

Vehicle keys

You are provided with 2 ignition keys.

Should you lose your keys, refer to the information regarding the electronic immobilizer (EWS).

A single key fits the steering and ignition lock, the fuel filler cap and the seat lock.

The cases and the Topcase can also be ordered with locks for the same key on request. Please contact an authorized workshop for this purpose, preferably an authorized BMW Motorrad retailer.

Locking handlebars

  • Turn handlebars to left.

Steering and ignition lock

  • Turn key to position 1 while moving handlebars slightly.
    • Ignition, lights and all electrical circuits switched off.
    • Handlebars are locked.
    • Key can now be removed.

Switching on ignition

Steering and ignition lock

  • Insert key into the steering and ignition lock. Turn key to position 1.
    • Parking light and all function circuits are switched on.
    • Pre-Ride-Check is carried out.

      without riding modes Pro OE

    • ASC self-diagnosis in progress.

      with riding modes Pro OE

    • DTC self-diagnosis is performed.

Welcome light

  • Switch on the ignition.
    • The parking lamp briefly lights up.

Switch off ignition

Steering and ignition lock

  • Turn key to position 1.
    • After the ignition is switched off, the instrument cluster remains switched on for a short period of time and indicates possibly present fault codes.
    • Handlebars not locked.
    • Electrically powered accessories remain operational for a limited period of time.
    • Battery can be recharged via onboard socket.
    • Key can now be removed.

with LED additional headlight OA

  • The supplementary LED headlights switch off shortly after the ignition is switched off.

EWS Electronic immobilizer

The motorcycle's electronic circuitry monitors the data stored in the ignition key through a ring antenna incorporated in the steering and ignition lock. The engine management system does not enable engine starting until this key has been recognized as "authorized" for your motorcycle.

NOTICE A further key attached to the same ring as the ignition key used to start the engine could "irritate" the electronics, in which case the enabling signal for starting is not issued.

Always store further vehicle keys separately from the ignition key.

If you lose one of your motorcycle keys, you can have it disabled by your authorized BMW motorcycle retailer.

When having a key disabled you should also bring all of the motorcycle's remaining keys with you. The engine can no longer be started using a disabled key; however, a disabled key can be enabled again.

Emergency and spare keys are only available through an authorized BMW Motorrad retailer.

The keys are part of an integrated security system, so the retailer is under an obligation to check the legitimacy of all applications for replacement/extra keys.

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