Yamaha MT-07 - Owner's Manual > Tires

Tires are the only contact between the vehicle and the road. Safety in all conditions of riding depends on a relatively small area of road contact. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the tires in good condition at all times and replace them at the appropriate time with the specified tires.

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 Yamaha MT-07 - Owner's Manual > Coolant

The coolant level should be checked regularly. In addition, the coolant must be changed at the intervals specified in the periodic maintenance chart. Recommended coolant: YAMALUBE coolant Coolant quantity: Coolant reservoir (max level mark): 0.25 L (0.26 US qt, 0.22 Imp.qt) Radiator (including all routes): 1.60 L (1.69 US qt, 1.41 Imp.qt)

 Yamaha MT-07 - Owner's Manual > Tire air pressure

The tire air pressure should be checked and, if necessary, adjusted before each ride. WARNING Operation of this vehicle with improper tire pressure may cause severe injury or death from loss of control. The tire air pressure must be checked and adjusted on cold tires (i.e., when the temperature of the tires equals the ambient temperature). The tire air pressure must be adjusted in accordance with the riding speed and with the total weight of rider, passenger, cargo, and accessories approved for this model.