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Tyre profile

Checking the tyre profiles


Observe the minimum profile depth prescribed by law.

Never ride without valve caps (1). Firmly tightened valve caps prevent the tyre from suddenly losing pressure.

  • Measure the profile depth at the centre (2) of the tyre's tread.

Recommended minimum profile depth: 2.0 mm

Observe the wear marks (3).

Checking the tyre profiles

Checking the tyre pressure


Adjust the tyre pressure according to the total weight load. Never exceed the rated total weight or the bearing capacity of the tyres.

Incorrect tyre pressure will have a considerable effect on the riding properties of the scooter and the lifespan of the tyres.

  • While the tyres are cold:
  • Twist off the valve caps.
  • Check / adjust the tyre pressure.
  • Twist on the valve caps.

Tyre pressure

One Rider:  Front: 1.75Kg/cm2    Rear: 2.00Kg/cm2

Two Rider:  Front: 2.00Kg/cm2   Rear: 2.25Kg/cm2

Checking the tyre pressure

Tyre size

The standard scooter is provided with the following tyre sizes:

Front 3.50-10 51J or 59P

Rear  3.50-10 51J or 59P

All Tyres are tubeless.


Use only tyres approved by the manufacturer.

The use of non-approved tyre brands, types or sizes leads to the operating permit of the vehicle becoming null and void. Use only pairs of tyres produced by the same manufacturer.

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