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Warranties and Responsibilities / Warranty and Maintenance

This owner's manual contains your new motorcycle limited warranty and your owner's maintenance record.

It is your responsibility as the owner to follow the maintenance schedule at the mileage intervals as specified in the owner's manual. All of the specified maintenance services must be performed on schedule to keep your limited warranty valid.

Some countries, states or other locations may require all regular maintenance and service work to be done by an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer for your limited warranty to remain in effect. Check with your authorized Harley-Davidson dealer for local requirements.

1. Make an appointment with a Harley-Davidson dealer for inspection and service prior to the first 1000 mi 1600 km , and as soon as possible after any issue arises.

2. Bring this owner's manual with you when you visit your authorized Harley-Davidson dealer to have your motorcycle inspected and serviced.

3. Have the dealer technician sign the maintenance record in the owner's manual at the proper mileage interval. These records should be retained by the owner as proof of proper maintenance.

4. Keep receipts covering any parts, service or maintenance performed.

These records should be transferred to each subsequent owner.

Use only Harley-Davidson approved parts and accessories that have been designed, tested and approved for your model and model year motorcycle.

Use of aftermarket performance parts may void all or parts of your limited warranty. See an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer for details.

Harley-Davidson authorized dealerships are independently owned and operated and may sell and install parts and accessories that are not manufactured or approved by Harley-Davidson for use on your motorcycle. Therefore, you should understand that Harley-Davidson is not and cannot be responsible for the quality, suitability, or safety of any non-Harley-Davidson part, accessory or design modification, including labor, which may be sold and/or installed by authorized Harley-Davidson dealerships.

Keeping It All Harley-Davidson

Genuine Harley-Davidson parts are engineered and tested specifically for use on your motorcycle. Insist that your authorized Harley-Davidson dealer uses only genuine Harley-Davidson replacement parts and accessories to keep your Harley-Davidson motorcycle and its limited warranty intact. Not all Harley-Davidson parts and accessories are appropriate for your model or model year motorcycle.

It is possible to overload your vehicle's charging system by adding too many electrical accessories. If the combined electrical accessories operating at any one time consume more electrical current than the vehicle's charging system can produce, the electrical consumption can discharge the battery and cause damage to the vehicle's electrical system. See an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer for advice about the amount of current consumed by additional electrical accessories or for necessary wiring changes.

NOTE: Installing off-road or competition parts to enhance performance may void all or parts of your limited warranty. See the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Limited Warranty in this owner's manual or an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer for details.

California and Select International Markets Evaporative Emission Controls: 2016 Models

All new 2016 HarleyDavidson motorcycles sold in the State of California and select international markets have an evaporative emission control system. This system is designed to meet CARB and local regulations in effect at the time of manufacture.

The system requires a small amount of maintenance. Periodically inspect system to verify that hoses are properly routed, not kinked or blocked and that all fittings are secure. Periodically check mounting hardware for tightness.

EPA Noise Regulations in the United States

EPA noise regulations require that the following statements be included in the Owner's Manual.

EPA Regulations

TAMPERING WITH NOISE CONTROL SYSTEM PROHIBITED: Federal law prohibits the following acts or the causing thereof: (1) The removal or rendering inoperative by any person other than for purposes of maintenance, repair, or replacement of any device or element of design incorporated into any new vehicle for the purpose of noise control prior to its sale or delivery to the ultimate purchaser or while it is in use, or (2) the use of the vehicle after such device or element of design has been removed or rendered inoperative by any person.


  1. Replacing the muffler(s) and/or the entire exhaust system with parts not certified to be noise legal for street use.
  2. Removing or modifying the muffler internal baffles in any way.
  3. Replacing the air intake/cleaner assembly with one not certified to be noise legal for street use.
  4. Modifying the air intake/cleaner assembly in such a way as to make the vehicle no longer noise legal for street use.

HarleyDavidson recommends that any and all noise related maintenance be done by an authorized HarleyDavidson dealer using Genuine HarleyDavidson parts.

Warranty/Service Information

Any authorized HarleyDavidson dealer may provide warranty repair work on your motorcycle. The fact that an authorized HarleyDavidson dealership performs warranty repairs does not create an agency relationship between HarleyDavidson and the authorized dealership. If you have any questions regarding warranty obligations contact your authorized HarleyDavidson dealer.

For normal service work or warranty work under the above conditions, you may obtain the name and location of your nearest U.S. authorized HarleyDavidson dealer by calling 18002582464 (U.S. only).

Reporting Safety Defects in the United States

Safety defects must be reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and HarleyDavidson.

NHTSA Statement

If you believe that your motorcycle has a defect which could cause a crash or could cause injury or death, you should immediately inform the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in addition to notifying HarleyDavidson.

If NHTSA receives similar complaints, it may open an investigation, and if it finds that a safety defect exists in a group of motorcycles, it may order a recall and remedy campaign. However, NHTSA cannot become involved in individual problems between you, your authorized HarleyDavidson dealer, or HarleyDavidson.

Required Documentation for Imported Motorcycles

If a HarleyDavidson motorcycle is imported into the United States, additional documentation is required for that motorcycle to be eligible for the United States HarleyDavidson Motorcycle Limited Warranty. An authorized HarleyDavidson dealer can provide a form explaining the requirements.

Owner Contact Information

If you move from your present address, sell your motorcycle, or purchase a preowned HarleyDavidson motorcycle, see an authorized HarleyDavidson dealer to update your owner contact information.

This will provide HarleyDavidson with an accurate registration (as required by law in some countries), and will allow HarleyDavidson to notify you in the event of a recall or product program.

The rights and benefits conferred upon you and the obligations of HarleyDavidson as set forth herein are separate and distinct from any rights and duties set forth in any service contract you may have purchased from a dealership and/or thirdparty insurance company. HarleyDavidson does not authorize any entity to expand HarleyDavidson's warranty obligations in connection with your motorcycle or this limited warranty.

When updating your contact information, your authorized HarleyDavidson dealer will need your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), odometer mileage, and date of vehicle transfer (if applicable).

Questions and Concerns

If you have questions or concerns regarding the performance of your motorcycle or the application of the limited warranty described here, or are not satisfied with the service you are receiving from an authorized HarleyDavidson dealership, do the following:

  1. Contact the selling and/or servicing dealership and speak to the sales and/or service manager.
  2. If your concern cannot be addressed to your satisfaction by the dealership, contact the HarleyDavidson Customer Support Center by mailing your concern to the following address or calling the phone number below.

In the U.S., state warranty laws, often referred to as lemon laws, may provide you with certain rights not specifically mentioned here. To the extent allowed by your state, HarleyDavidson requests that you first send written notification of any defect or warranty nonconformity that you have experienced with your motorcycle to HarleyDavidson.

HarleyDavidson appreciates the opportunity to investigate your concerns and restore your satisfaction in your motorcycle by making the necessary repairs consistent with the terms of HarleyDavidson's limited warranty. HarleyDavidson requests that you send your complaint to the HarleyDavidson Customer Support Center.

HarleyDavidson Motor Company Attention: HarleyDavidson Customer Support Center P.O. Box 653 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201 18002582464 (U.S. only) 14143434056

This warranty does not mean that each HarleyDavidson motorcycle is free from defects. Defects may be unintentionally introduced into motorcycles during the design and manufacturing processes and such defects could result in the need for repairs. For this reason, HarleyDavidson provides the Limited Warranty in order to remedy any such defects that result in a component malfunction or failure during the warranty period. The remedy under this written warranty, and any implied warranty, is limited to repair, replacement or adjustment of the defective part. This exclusive remedy shall not be deemed to have failed its essential purpose so long as HarleyDavidson, through its authorized dealers, is willing and able to repair, replace or adjust defective parts in the prescribed manner. HarleyDavidson's liability, if any, shall in no event exceed the cost of correcting any defect as herein provided and upon expiration of this warranty, any such liability shall terminate.

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