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Install air filter before running engine. Failure to do so can draw debris into the engine and could result in engine damage.

NOTES: At regular intervals, inspect the air filter element. Under dusty conditions, inspect more often. Refer to Regular Service Intervals: 2016 Sportster Models.

1. See Air Cleaner. Depending on your model Sportster, remove the cover screws (2), trim (7) and the air cleaner cover (6).

2. Inspect the filter element (3).

3. Remove and clean the air filter element if necessary.

Cleaning Filter Element

Do not use gasoline or solvents to clean filter element. Flammable cleaning agents can cause an intake system fire, which could result in death or serious injury.

NOTES: Do not tap the filter on a hard surface to dislodge dirt.

Replace the filter element if damaged or if the element cannot be cleaned.

1. Wash the filter in warm soapy water.

NOTE: The filter is clean if light is visible through it.

2. Hold the filter up to a light.

NOTE: Do NOT use air cleaner filter oil on the paper/wire mesh element.

Compressed air can pierce the skin and flying debris from compressed air could cause serious eye injury. Wear safety glasses when working with compressed air. Never use your hand to check for air leaks or to determine air flow rates.

3. Air dry or blow dry the filter from the inside with low-pressure air.


NOTE: See Air Cleaner. Check that the O-rings (1) on the breather tubes are in place.

1. If removed, install the air filter element:

  1. Install the baseplate gasket (2).
  2. Install the air filter element (3).
  3. Apply a drop of LOCTITE THREADLOCKER 243 (blue) to the threads of the element screws (4).
  4. Install the element screws.
  5. Tighten to specification. Refer to Air Cleaner Fastener Torque.

2. Install air cleaner cover.

  1. Verify the air cleaner seal (5) is in place.
  2. Install the cover (6).
  3. Depending on your model Sportster, install the trim (7) and the screws (8).
  4. Tighten to specification. Refer to Air Cleaner Fastener Torque.

Air Cleaner Fastener Torque

Air Cleaner

Air Cleaner Air Cleaner

  1. O-ring (2)
  2. Gasket
  3. Filter element
  4. Element screw (3)
  5. Seal
  6. Cover
  7. Trim
  8. Cover screw

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