Kawasaki Z1000SX - Service manual > Balancer

Balancer Removal

  • Split the crankcase (see Crankcase Splitting).
  • Unscrew:
    Balancer Shaft Clamp Bolt [A]
    Balancer Shaft Lever [B]
    Oil Seal [C]
  • Remove the balancer [D] from the upper crankcase half.


Balancer Installation

  • Check that the rubber dampers [A] are in place as shown in the figure.


  • Apply molybdenum disulfide oil solution to the damper contact portions of the balancer weight.
  • Install the balancer weight [A] into the gear [B].
    • Align the punch mark [C] of the balancer weight with the groove [D] of the gear.


  • Apply molybdenum disulfide oil solution to the needle bearings. Insert the needle bearings.
  • Fit the copper washers [A] on both ends of the weight and gear assembly. The projected sides [B] face inward.


  • Insert the pin [A] as shown in the figure.
  • Set the balancer on the upper crankcase half.
    • Align the punch mark [B] on the balancer gear [C] with the mark [D] on the balancer drive gear [E] of crankshaft.


  • Assemble the crankcase (see Crankcase Assembly).
  • Fill the oil seal lips with grease.
  • Install the new oil seal [A] so that its surface is flush with the surface of the crankcase.
  • Turn the balancer shaft so that its mark [B] faces downward (This photo is shown with the upside down).


  • Install the balancer shaft lever [A].
  • Apply a non-parmanent locking agent to the threads of the balancer shaft clamp lever bolt [B].
  • Tighten:
    Torque -
     Balancer Shaft Clamp Lever Bolt: 25 N*m (2.5 kgf*m, 18 ft*lb)
     Balancer Shaft Clamp Bolt [C]: 9.8 N*m (1.0 kgf*m, 87 in*lb)


Balancer Adjustment

  • Remove the lower fairing (see Lower Fairing Removal in the Frame chapter).
  • Start the engine and warm it up thoroughly.
  • Adjust the balancer gear backlash with the engine idling.

    The amount of backlash can be changed by turning the balancer shaft which has eccentric journals.

    • Start the engine and let it idle.
    • Loosen the clamp bolt [A] and turn the balancer shaft [B] clockwise [C] until the balancer gear makes a whining sound.
    • Turn the shaft counterclockwise [D] until the balancer gear whining sound disappears and tighten the clamp bolt.

Torque - Balancer Shaft Clamp Bolts: 9.8 N*m (1.0 kgf*m, 87 in*lb)


Balancer Damper Inspection

  • Remove the balancer and disassemble the weight and gear assembly.
  • Visually inspect the rubber dampers [A].

    If they appear damaged or deteriorated, replace them.


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