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Brakes / Brake Lever, Brake Pedal

Brake Lever Position Adjustment

The brake lever adjuster has 6 positions so that the brake lever position can be adjusted to suit the operator's hand.

  • Push the lever forward and turn the adjuster [A] to align the number with the arrow mark [B] on the lever holder.
    • The distance from the grip to the lever is minimum at number 6 and maximum at number 1.

Brake Lever, Brake Pedal

Brake Pedal Position Inspection

  • Check that the brake pedal [A] is in the correct position.

    [B] Footpeg

Pedal Position
 Standard: About 62 mm (2.4 in.) [C] below top of footpeg

If it is incorrect, adjust the brake pedal position.

Brake Lever, Brake Pedal

Brake Pedal Position Adjustment


  • Usually it is not necessary to adjust the pedal position, but always adjust it when the push rod locknut has been loosened.

Brake Lever, Brake Pedal

  • Loosen the locknut [A] and turn the push rod with the hex head [B] to achieve the correct pedal position.

    If the length [C] shown is 70 +-1 mm (2.76 +-0.04 in.), the pedal position will be within the standard range.

  • Tighten:
    Torque - Rear Master Cylinder Push Rod Locknut: 17 N*m (1.7 kgf*m, 12 ft*lb)
  • Check the brake light switch operation (see Brake Light Switch Operation Inspection in the Periodic Maintenance chapter).

Brake Pedal Removal

  • Remove:
    Rear Lower Fairing (see Rear Lower Fairing Removal in the Frame chapter)
    Right Front Footpeg Bracket Bolts [A]

Brake Lever, Brake Pedal

  • Remove:
    Cotter Pin [A]
    Joint Pin [B]
    Rear Brake Light Switch Spring [C]
    Return Spring [D]
    Brake Pedal Bolt [E]
    Brake Pedal [F]

Brake Lever, Brake Pedal

Brake Pedal Installation

  • Apply grease to the footpeg pivot shaft [A].
  • Install:
    Washer [B]
    Brake Pedal [C]
    Washer [D]
  • Apply a non-permanent locking agent to the threads of the brake pedal bolt [E], and tighten it.

    Torque - Brake Pedal Bolt: 8.8 N*m (0.90 kgf*m, 78 in*lb)

Brake Lever, Brake Pedal

  • Hook the longer end of the rear brake light switch spring [A] on the brake light switch.
  • Hook the upper end of the return spring [B] on the footpeg bracket hook.
    • Face the both lower spring ends forward.

Brake Lever, Brake Pedal

  • Replace the cotter pin [A] with a new one.
  • Insert the cotter pin and bend the pin ends [B].
  • Install the front footpeg bracket.
  • Tighten:
    Torque - Front Footpeg Bracket Bolts: 25 N*m (2.5 kgf*m, 18 ft*lb)
  • Check the brake pedal position (see Brake Pedal Position Inspection).

Brake Lever, Brake Pedal

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