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Riding / Breaking in


  • While running in the motorcycle, vary the throttle opening and engine-speed range frequently; avoid driving for long periods at a constant speed.
  • Choose curvy, slightly hilly sections of road if possible.
  • Observe the engine run-in speeds.

Breaking in

  • Observe mileage, after which the running-in check should be performed.

Brake pads

New brake pads must be run in before they achieve their optimum friction force. This initial reduction in braking efficiency can be compensated for by exerting greater pressure on the brake levers.

WARNING New brake pads

Extension of the braking distance, accident hazard

  • Brake early.


New tires have a smooth surface.

This must be roughened by riding in a restrained manner at various heel angles until the tires are run in. This running in procedure is essential if the tires are to achieve maximum grip.

WARNING Loss of adhesion of new tires on wet roads and at extreme angles

Accident hazard

  • Always think well ahead and avoid extreme angles.

Off-road use

After driving offroad

BMW Motorrad recommends that the following be observed after driving offroad:

Tire pressure

WARNING When driving off-road, lower tire pressure than riding on paved roads

Risk of accident due to poorer handling characteristics.

  • Ensure proper tire inflation pressure.


WARNING Riding on unpaved or dirty roads

Delayed braking effect due to dirty brake discs and brake pads

  • Brake early until the brakes are clean again.

ATTENTION Riding on unpaved or dirty roads

Increased brake pad wear

  • Check the brake pad thickness more often and replace the brake pads sooner.

Spring preload and damping

WARNING Modified values for spring preload and spring strut damping when riding off-road

Poorer handling characteristics on paved roads

  • Set correct spring preload and correct spring strut damping before leaving off-road terrain.


BMW Motorrad recommends checking the rims for possible damage after riding offroad.

Air cleaner insert

ATTENTION Dirty air filter element

Engine damage

  • When driving in dusty terrain, check air filter insert for soiling at short intervals and clean or replace if necessary.

Use under very dusty conditions (deserts, savannas, etc.) requires the use air cleaner inserts specially developed for these kinds of applications.

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