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Brakes / Calipers / Caliper Fluid Seal Damage

The fluid seal (piston seal) [A] is placed around the piston to maintain clearance between the pad and the disc. If the seal is in a poor condition, it could lead the pad to wear excessively or the brake to drag, which may cause the temperature of the discs or the brake fluid to increase.


  • Replace the fluid seal if it exhibits any of the conditions listed below.
    • Brake fluid leakage around the pad.
    • Brakes overheat.
    • Considerable difference in inner and outer pad wear.
    • Seal and piston are stuck together.

If the fluid seal is replaced, replace the dust seal [B] as well. Also, replace all seals every other time the pads are changed.

Front Caliper [C]
Rear Caliper [D]


Rear Caliper Dust Boot and Friction Boot Damage

  • Check that the dust boot [A] and friction boot [B] are not cracked, worn, swollen, or otherwise damaged.

    If they show any damage, replace it.


Caliper Piston and Cylinder Damage

  • Visually inspect the pistons [A] and cylinder surfaces [B].

    Replace the caliper if the cylinder and piston are badly scores or rusty.

    Front Caliper [C]
    Rear Caliper [D]



Rear Caliper Holder Shaft Wear

The caliper body must slide smoothly on the caliper holder shafts [A]. If the body does not slide smoothly, one pad will wear more than the other, pad wear will increase, and constant drag on the disc will raise brake and brake fluid temperature.

  • Check to see that the caliper holder shafts are not badly worn or stepped, and that the rubber friction boots are not damaged.

    If the rubber friction boot is damaged, replace the rubber friction boot. To replace the friction boot, remove the pads and the caliper bracket.

    If the caliper holder shaft is damage, replace the caliper bracket.


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    Loosen the banjo bolt [A] at the brake hose lower end, and tighten it loosely. Unscrew the caliper mounting bolts [B], and detach the caliper [C] from the disc.

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