Lexmoto Echo - Owner's Manual > Checking the disc brake

  • Visually inspect the disc (2).
  • Check the thickness of the disc.

Minimum thickness: B = 3.0 mm

  • If the disc thickness is below the minimum, have the disc (2) replaced by a dealer.

Rear wheel brake

Rear wheel brake

Adjusting the rear wheel brake


For your own safety, we recommend having activities to the brake system carried out by a dealer.


After a longer period of operation, adjustment of the brakes is essential due to natural wear of the brake-shoe linings.

Adjusting the rear wheel brake


  • An external sign of the brakes needing adjustment is the constantly increasing free travel (A) of the handbrake lever (1) 10-20 mm.


  • Screw the nut (2) on the rear-wheel bake onto the brake rod until the handbrake lever reach a free travel of 10-20 mm.
  • After this measurement is attained, the brake shoes should be heard brushing against the brake drum.



Have a dealer check the adjustment.

Checking the brake linings.


The thickness of the brake lining may not be lower than the minimum value.

Operate the handbrake lever (1) and visually inspect it.

Check the thickness of the lining: The extension of the wear indicator (3) at the brake lever must be in front of the minimun mark of the scale (4) when the rear brake is depressed.

If the thickness of the lining has fallen below the minimum, have a specialised dealer replace it.

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