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Cleaning the air filter


The scooter is attached with a oil foam air filter. In case of heavy dirtiness the foam (3) has to be replaced.

Disassembly and cleaning

  • Remove the screws (1) and take off the air filter cover (2).
  • Remove the foam (3).
  • Clean the foam with Motorrex air cleaner.
  • Afterward soak and wring out the foam with air filter oil.


  • Clean the hole (4) before installation.
  • Usually the installation takes place in reverse order to disassembly.



Never run the engine without air filter.

  • Dust depsit is one of the major causes of reducing output horsepwer and increasing fuel consumption.
  • Change the air cleaner element more frequently to prolong the engine's service life if the scooter is ride on dusty roads very often.
  • Check for properly installation of the foam housing in the filter case.
  • Otherwise the engine runs poorly or lead to serious engine damage.
  • Be careful not to soak the air cleaner when washing the scooter. Otherwise it will cause engine hard to start.


The air inlet of oil-gas separator (5) connects with cylinder breath pipe, air outlet connects with air filter port, oil discharge outlet should face to the ground. If there's too much oil in the oil discharge pipe, please release the oil and check the oil measure tape if the engine oil is enough.


Checking the spark plug

Checking the spark plug

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    CAUTION Check or change the spark plug only when the engine is cold. Remove four nuts (1) with washers from the storage. Take off the storage (2) with the seat. Pull the spark plug connector (3). Unscrew the spark plug with the spark wrench from the on-bord toolkit. Check the electrode gap (0.6-0.7mm) replace the spark plug if it is severely burnt away. Use a new spark plug and tighten up. Screw in the spark plug by hand and then tighten up with the spark wrench.