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Final Drive / Sprocket, Coupling / Coupling Bearing Installation

  • Replace the bearing with a new one.
  • Press in the bearing [A] until it is bottomed.

    Special Tool - Bearing Driver Set [B]: 57001-1129

  • Pack the bearing with high-temperature grease.
  • Replace the circlip with a new one.

    Special Tool - Inside Circlip Pliers: 57001-143

Sprocket, Coupling

  • Replace the grease seal with a new one.
  • Press in the grease seal so that the seal surface is flush with the end of the hole.
    • Apply high-temperature grease to the grease seal lip.

Special Tool - Bearing Driver Set: 57001-1129

Coupling Bearing Inspection

Since the coupling bearing is made to extremely close tolerances, the clearance can not normally be measured.


  • It is not necessary to remove the coupling bearing for inspection. If the bearing is removed, it will need to be replaced with a new one.

Sprocket, Coupling

  • Turn the bearing in the coupling back and forth [A] while checking for plays, roughness or binding.

    If the bearing play, roughness or binding is found, replace the bearing.

  • Examine the bearing seal [B] for tears or leakage.

    If the seal is torn ot is leaking, replace the bearing.

Coupling Bearing Lubrication


  • Since the coupling bearing is packed with grease and sealed, lubrication is not required.

Coupling Damper Inspection

  • Remove the rear wheel coupling, and inspect the rubber dampers [A].
  • Replace the damper if it appears damaged or deteriorated.

Sprocket, Coupling

Sprocket Wear Inspection

  • Visually inspect the engine and rear sprocket teeth for wear and damage.

    If the teeth are worn as illustrated, replace the sprocket, and inspect the drive chain wear (see Drive Chain Wear Inspection in the Periodic Maintenance chapter).

    Worn Tooth (Engine Sprocket) [A]
    Worn Tooth (Rear Sprocket) [B]
    Direction of Rotation [C]

Sprocket, Coupling


  • If a sprocket requires replacement, the chain is probably worn also. When replacing a sprocket, inspect the chain.

Rear Sprocket Warp Inspection

  • Raise the rear wheel off the ground with the stand so that it will turn freely.
  • Set a dial gauge [A] against the rear sprocket [B] near the teeth as shown in the figure, and rotate [C] the rear wheel to measure the sprocket runout (warp). The difference between the highest and lowest dial gauge readings is the amount of runout (warp).

    If the runout exceeds the service limit, replace the rear sprocket.

Rear Sprocket Warp
 Standard: 0.4 mm (0.016 in.) or less
 Service Limit: 0.5 mm (0.020 in.)

Sprocket, Coupling

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