Kawasaki Z1000SX - Service manual > Engine Sprocket Installation

Final Drive / Sprocket, Coupling / Engine Sprocket Installation

  • Replace the sprocket washer.
  • Install the engine sprocket so that "OUT SIDE" letters [A] face outward.
  • Apply molybdenum disulfide oil solution to the threads and the seating surface of the engine sprocket nut.
  • Tighten:
    Torque - Engine Sprocket Nut: 125 N*m (12.7 kgf*m, 92.2 ft*lb)

Sprocket, Coupling


  • Tighten the nut while applying the rear brake.


  • After torquing the engine sprocket nut, bend the one side of the washer over the nut.
  • Adjust the drive chain slack after installing the engine sprocket (see Drive Chain Slack Adjustment in the Periodic Maintenance chapter).

Rear Sprocket Removal

  • Remove the rear wheel (see Rear Wheel Removal in the Wheels/Tires chapter).

NOTICE Do not lay the wheel on the ground with the disc facing down. This can damage or warp the disc.

Place blocks under the wheel so that the disc does not touch the ground.

  • Remove the rear sprocket nuts [A].
  • Remove the rear sprocket [B].

Sprocket, Coupling

Rear Sprocket Installation

  • Install the sprocket facing the tooth number marking [A] outward.
  • Replace the rear sprocket nuts with new ones.
  • Tighten:
    Torque - Rear Sprocket Nuts: 59 N*m (6.0 kgf*m, 44 ft*lb)
  • Install the rear wheel (see Rear Wheel Installation in the Wheels/Tires chapter).

Sprocket, Coupling

Coupling Installation

  • Apply high-temperature grease to the following parts.

    Coupling Grease Seal Lip [A]
    Coupling Internal Surface [B]

Sprocket, Coupling

  • Install:
    Collar [A]
    Coupling [B]

Sprocket, Coupling

Coupling Bearing Removal

  • Remove:
    Grease Seal
    Circlip [A]

Special Tool - Inside Circlip Pliers: 57001-143

Sprocket, Coupling

  • Remove the bearing [A] by tapping from the wheel side.

    Special Tool - Bearing Driver Set [B]: 57001-1129

Sprocket, Coupling

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    Remove: Right Lower Fairing (see Lower Fairing Removal in the Frame chapter) Engine Sprocket Inner Cover Bolts [A] Engine Sprocket Inner and Outer Cover [B] Remove the engine sprocket outer cover screws [A] to sparate the outer and inner cover [B]. Remove the speed sensor bolt [A].

     Kawasaki Z1000SX - Service manual > Coupling Bearing Installation

    Replace the bearing with a new one. Press in the bearing [A] until it is bottomed. Special Tool - Bearing Driver Set [B]: 57001-1129 Pack the bearing with high-temperature grease. Replace the circlip with a new one.