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Engine Lubrication System / Engine Oil and Oil Filter

WARNING Vehicle operation with insufficient, deteriorated, or contaminated engine oil will cause accelerated wear and may result in engine seizure, accident, and injury. Check the oil level before each use and change the oil and filter according to the periodic maintenance chart.

Oil Level Inspection

  • Check that the engine oil level is between the upper [A] and lower [B] levels in the gauge.


  • Situate the motorcycle so that it is perpendicular to the ground.
  • If the motorcycle has just been used, wait several minutes for all the oil to drain down.
  • If the oil has just been changed, start the engine and run it for several minutes at idle speed. This fills the oil filter with oil. Stop the engine, then wait several minutes until the oil settles.

Engine Oil and Oil Filter

NOTICE Racing the engine before the oil reaches every part can cause engine seizure.

If the engine oil gets extremely low or if the oil pump or oil passages clog up or otherwise do not function properly, the warning indicator light (LED) and oil pressure warning symbol will blink. If this blink stays on when the engine is running above idle speed, stop the engine immediately and find the cause.

If the oil level is too high, remove the excess oil, using a syringe or some other suitable device.

If the oil level is too low, add the correct amount of oil through the oil filler opening. Use the same type and make of oil that is already in the engine.


  • If the engine oil type and make are unknown, use any brand of the specified oil to top off the level in preference to running the engine with the oil level low. Then at your earliest convenience, change the oil completely.

Engine Oil Change

  • Refer to the Engine Oil Change in the Periodic Maintenance chapter.

Oil Filter Replacement

  • Refer to the Oil Filter Replacement in the Periodic Maintenance chapter.

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