Kawasaki Z1000SX - Service manual > Oil Pan

Oil Pan Removal

  • Remove:
    Exhaust Pipe (see Exhaust Pipe Removal in the Engine Top End chapter)
    Oil Filter (see Oil Filter Replacement in the Periodic Maintenance chapter)
    Oil Pan Bolts [A]
    Oil Pan [B]
  • Remove the following parts if necessary.
    Oil Screen (see Oil Screen Removal)
    Oil Pipe (see Oil Pipe Removal)
    Oil Pressure Relief Valve (see Oil Pressure Relief Valve Removal)

Oil Pan

Oil Pan Installation

  • Install the following parts if removed.
    Oil Pressure Relief Valve (see Oil Pressure Relief Valve Installation)
    Oil Pipe (see Oil Pipe Installation)
    Oil Screen (see Oil Screen Installation)
  • Replace the O-rings [A] with new ones.
  • Apply grease to the O-rings, and install them.
  • Install the dowel pins [B].

Oil Pan

  • Apply liquid gasket [A] to the mating surface of the oil pan.
    • Using a high-flash point solvent, clean off any oil or dirt that may be on the liquid gasket coating area. Dry them with a clean cloth.

Sealant - Liquid Gasket, TB1207B: 92104-2068


  • Especially, apply liquid gasket so that it shall be filled up on the grooves [B].

Oil Pan


  • Make the application finish within 7 minutes when the liquid gasket to the mating surface of the oil pan is applied.
  • Moreover fit the oil pan and tighten the bolts just after application of the liquid gasket.


  • Tighten the oil pan bolts following sequence [1 - 20].

    Torque - Oil Pan Bolts: 12 N*m (1.2 kgf*m, 106 in*lb)

Oil Pan

  • Install the removed parts (see appropriate chapters).

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    WARNING Vehicle operation with insufficient, deteriorated, or contaminated engine oil will cause accelerated wear and may result in engine seizure, accident, and injury. Check the oil level before each use and change the oil and filter according to the periodic maintenance chart.

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