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General Information

About this Manual

This service manual has been created primarily for use by a technically competent and trained service personnel to

  • Get familiarized and understand the construction of various aggregates of motorcycles.
  • Assist in carrying out the correct and factory-approved service and overhauling procedures of the motorcycles.

While it is not possible to comprehensively capture all the service practices in this manual, it is expected that the technically competent person would have a basic knowledge and understanding of carrying out systematic service and overhauling procedures.

We strongly recommend that personnel without basic understanding of repair techniques and procedures DO NOT attempt to service or overhaul any part of the motorcycle using this manual, as it might result in wrong diagnosis and repair and ultimately render the motorcycle unsafe for use and result in expensive repair costs for the customer.

We also STRONGLY recommend that any technician who wishes to service Royal Enfield motorcycles, undergo systematic technical trainings at our Royal Enfield training academies, where the correct servicing and overhauling procedures are imparted by experienced and competent trainers, providing hands on practical sessions.

Lastly, we would recommend and insist that the periodic maintenance and overhauling of the Royal Enfield motorcycles be carried out ONLY through authorized Royal Enfield service stations where factory trained and experienced service technicians are always available.

Important Information

To enhance customer satisfaction and to improve the performance of the motorcycle, Royal Enfield will carrying out modifications and changes in the motorcycles in the years to come. Such changes will be intimated periodically and continuously through service bulletins and notifications to the authorized Royal Enfield dealers and service stations and will also be included in the future editions of this service manual.

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Important information and points that need special focus and attention while servicing the motorcycles are highlighted in this service manual as follows: NOTE Indicates points of particular interest for more efficient and convenient operation.