Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 - Service manual > Safety

Ignition System

Ignition system produces high voltage. When working on any ignition system with the engine running, always keep your hands away from the spark plug wires.

Ignition System

Handling Sharp-edged Parts

Wear hand gloves to prevent injury from possible sharp edges on the parts.

Handling Sharp-edged Parts

Handling Fragile Parts

Be careful while handling fragile parts like headlamp, indicator, bulb, etc. Use proper tools and do not apply undue force. After removing, store the parts in a safe place.

Handling Fragile Parts


Royal Enfield does not recommend welding on the frame or any other parts of the motorcycle. Welding will make the frame weak and can also affect the balance of the motorcycle.

In motorcycles equipped with electronic control modules like EMS and ABS, welding will cause irreparable damage to the EMS/ABS system.

This will also void motorcycle warranty.


It is illegal to tamper with the following:

  1. Exhaust system
  2. Fuel systems
  3. Engine Number and/or VIN Information Plate
  4. Wiring harness
  5. Frame

This will lead to NON CONFORMANCE to the noise and emission regulations in force, causing serious performance issues besides irreparable damage to the motorcycle.

This will also void warranty of the motorcycle.

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