BMW R 1250 GS GSA - Rider's Manual > My vehicle

TFT display / My vehicle

Start screen

Start screen

  1. Check Control display Display
  2. Coolant temperature
  3. Range
  4. Total distance covered
  5. Service display
  6. Tire pressure, rear
  7. Vehicle voltage
  8. Engine oil level
  9. Tire pressure, front

Operating instructions

Operating instructions

  • Operating instruction 1: tab that shows how far to the left or right you can leaf.
  • Operating instruction 2: tab that shows the position of the current menu screen.

Scroll through menu windows

Scroll through menu windows

  • Call up menu My vehicle.
  • To scroll to the right, briefly push the Multi-Controller 1 to the right.
  • To scroll to the left, briefly push the Multi-Controller 1 to the left.

The "My vehicle" menu contains the following windows:

  • CC messages (if available)

with tire pressure monitor (TPM) OE

  • Further information on the tire pressure and CC messages can be found in the section "Displays".

NOTICE Check Control messages are dynamically added as additional tabs to the menu screens in the My Vehicle menu.

On-board computer and travel on-board computer

The ONBOARD COMPUTER and TRIP COMPUTER menu windows show the vehicle and journey data, e.g. average values.

Service display

Service display

If the time remaining until the next service is less than a month, or if the next service is due within 700 miles (1000 km), a white CC message is displayed.

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