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This Rider's Manual has been designed to provide quick and efficient orientation. The quickest way for you to find information on specific topics is to consult the comprehensive index at the back of the manual. If you would like to start with a quick overview of your motorcycle, this information has been provided in chapter 2. All maintenance and repair work carried out on your motorcycle will be documented in Chapter 12. Documentation confirming performance of scheduled maintenance is a precondition for generous handling of out-of-warranty claims and goodwill warranty treatment.

When the time comes to sell your BMW, remember to hand over this Rider's Manual; it is an important part of the motorcycle.

Abbreviations and symbols

CAUTION Hazard with low risk. Failure to avoid this hazard can result in minor or moderate injury.

WARNING Hazard with moderate risk. Failure to avoid this hazard can result in death or serious injury.

DANGER Hazard with high risk. Failure to avoid this hazard results in death or serious injury.

ATTENTION Special instructions and precautionary measures. Non-compliance can cause damage to the vehicle or accessories and warranty claims may be denied as a result.

NOTICE Special information on operating and inspecting your motorcycle as well as maintenance and adjustment procedures.

Tightening torque.

Technical data.

  National-market version.

  Optional extra.

BMW Motorrad optional extras are already completely installed during motorcycle production.

  Optional accessory.

BMW Motorrad optional accessories can be purchased and installed at your authorized BMW Motorrad retailer.

  Anti-Lock Brake System.

  Automatic Stability Control.

  Electronic chassis and suspension adjustment.

  Dynamic Traction Control (optional equipment only in combination with Pro riding modes).

  Anti-theft alarm.

  Electronic immobilizer.

  Tire Pressure Control (TPC).


When you ordered your BMW motorcycle, you chose various custom equipment items.

This Rider's Manual describes optional equipment (OE) offered by BMW and selected optional accessories (OA). This explains why the manual may also contain descriptions of equipment which you have not ordered. Please note, too, that your motorcycle might not be exactly as illustrated in this manual on account of country-specific differences.

If your motorcycle features equipment that is not described here, you can find these features described in a separate manual.

Technical Data

All dimensions, weights and performance data contained this Rider's Manual refer to the German DIN standards and comply with their tolerance specifications.

The technical data and specifications in this Rider's Manual serve as points of reference. The vehicle-specific data may vary, for instance due to the selected optional equipment, national-market version or country-specific measuring procedures. Detailed values can be obtained from the registration documents and the signs on the vehicle or from your authorized BMW Motorrad retailer or other qualified service partner or specialist workshop.

The information on the vehicle documents always takes precedence over the information in this Rider's Manual.

Notice concerning current status

The high safety and quality standards of BMW motorcycles are maintained by consistent, ongoing development efforts embracing their design, equipment and accessories. For this reason, some aspects of your motorcycle may vary from the descriptions in these operating instructions.

In addition, BMW Motorrad cannot guarantee the total absence of errors. We hope you will appreciate that no claims can be recognized based on the data, illustrations or descriptions in this manual.

Additional sources of information

BMW Motorrad retailers

Your BMW Motorrad retailer is always happy to answer any of your questions.


The Rider's Manual for your vehicle, the operating and installation instructions for optional accessories and general BMW Motorrad information related to the technology or other features are available at service.

Certificates and operating permits

The certificates for the vehicle and the official operating permits for possible accessories are available at

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    General Electronic control units are installed in the vehicle. Electronic control units process data received from vehicle sensors, self-generated data or data exchanged between control units, for example. Some control units are required for safe vehicle operation or provide driving assistance, such as driver assistance systems. Control units also make comfort and infotainment functions possible.