Kawasaki Z1000SX - Service manual > Radiator Fan System

Electrical System / Radiator Fan System

Fan Motor Inspection

  • Remove the left lower fairing (see lower Fairing Removal in the Frame chapter).
  • Remove the rubber band [A].

Radiator Fan System

  • Slide the dust cover [A].
  • Disconnect the connector [B].
  • Using an auxiliary leads, supply battery power to the fan motor.

    If the fan does not rotate, the fan motor is defective and must be replaced.

Radiator Fan System

Radiator Fan Circuit

Radiator Fan System

  1. Radiator Fan Motor
  2. Fuse Box 2
  3. Fan Fuse 15 A
  4. Meter Ground
  5. Frame Ground
  6. Water Temperature Sensor
  7. ECU
  8. Ignition Switch
  9. Water-proof Joint A
  10. Relay Box
  11. Radiator Fan Relay
  12. FI Fuse 15 A
  13. Main Fuse 30 A
  14. Battery 12 V 8 Ah
  15. Water-proof Joint C

Meter Unit Removal/Installation

  • Remove:
    Windshield Bracket Cover (see Upper Fairing Removal in the Frame chapter)
  • Slide the dust cover [A] and disconnect the connector.
  • Pull the meter unit [B] forward to remove it from the bracket [C].

Radiator Fan System

NOTICE Place themeter unit so that the face is up. If a meter unit is left upside down or sideways for any length of time, it will malfunction.

  • Installation is the reverse of removal.

Meter Unit Disassembly

  • Remove:
    Meter Unit (see Meter Unit Removal/Installation)
    Screws [A]
    Lower Meter Cover [B]

Radiator Fan System

  • Separate the meter assembly [A] and upper meter cover [B].

Radiator Fan System

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