Yamaha MT-07 - Owner's Manual > Replacing the fuses

The main fuse and the fuse boxes, which contain the fuses for the individual circuits, are located under the rider seat.


To access the main fuse, remove the starter relay cover as shown.

Replacing the fuses

  1. Starter relay cover
  2. Fuse box
  3. Spare main fuse
  4. Main fuse

Replacing the fuses

  1. Ignition fuse
  2. Signaling system fuse
  3. Headlight fuse
  4. Backup fuse 2 (for ECU)
  5. Backup fuse (for clock and immobilizer system)
  6. Radiator fan motor fuse
  7. ABS solenoid fuse
  8. ABS motor fuse
  9. Parking lighting fuse
  10. Auxiliary fuse
  11. ABS control unit fuse
  12. Spare fuse

If a fuse is blown, replace it as follows.

1. Turn the key to "OFF" and turn off the electrical circuit in question.

2. Remove the blown fuse, and then install a new fuse of the specified amperage.

WARNING! Do not use a fuse of a higher amperage rating than recommended to avoid causing extensive damage to the electrical system and possibly a fire.

Specified fuses:
Main fuse: 30.0 A
Auxiliary fuse: 2.0 A
Headlight fuse: 15.0 A
Signaling system fuse: 10.0 A
Ignition fuse: 10.0 A
Parking lighting fuse: 7.5 A
Radiator fan motor fuse: 10.0 A
ABS motor fuse: 30.0 A
ABS solenoid fuse: 20.0 A
ABS control unit fuse: 7.5 A
Backup fuse: 7.5 A
Backup fuse 2: 10.0 A

3. Turn the key to "ON" and turn on the electrical circuit in question to check if the device operates.

4. If the fuse immediately blows again, have a Yamaha dealer check the electrical system.

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