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Riding / Safety information

Rider's Equipment

Do not ride without the correct clothing. Always wear:

  • Helmet
  • Rider's suit
  • Gloves
  • Boots

This applies even to short journeys, and to every season of the year. Your authorized BMW Motorrad Dealer will be happy to advise you and has the correct clothing for every purpose.

Reduced clearance in inclined position

Motorcycles with lowered running gear have less ground clearance in all positions than motorcycles with standard running gear.

WARNING When cornering with lowered motorcycles, motorcycle parts can contact the road surface sooner than normal.

Accident hazard

  • Carefully test the clearance of the motorcycle in an inclined position and adjust your riding style accordingly.

Test the clearance of your motorcycle at an angle in safe situations.

Remember to take the limited ground clearance of your motorcycle into account when driving over curbs and similar obstacles.

The lowering of the motorcycle shortens the spring travel (see the chapter "Technical Data"). A possible reduction in the accustomed driving comfort may result.

Especially when riding with a passenger, the spring preload should be adjusted accordingly.


WARNING Reduced riding stability caused by overloading and uneven loading

Accident hazard

  • Do not exceed the gross weight limit and observe the loading information.


  • Adjust spring preload and damping rate for the current gross vehicle weight.
  • Ensure that case volumes on left and right are equal.
  • Make sure that weight is uniformly distributed between right and left.
  • Pack heavy pieces of luggage and cargo as low and as close to the center of the motorcycle as possible.
  • Observe the maximum payload and maximum speed as indicated on the label in the case (see also the chapter "Accessories").
  • Observe the maximum payload and maximum speed as indicated on the label in the topcase (see also the chapter "Accessories").


If you ride at high speed, always bear in mind that various boundary conditions can adversely affect the handling of your motorcycle:

  • Settings of spring-strut and shock absorber system
  • Unevenly distributed load
  • Loose clothing
  • Insufficient tire inflation pressure
  • Tire tread in poor condition
  • Etc.

Maximum speed with studded or winter tyres

DANGER Maximum speed of the motorcycle is higher than the permissible maximum rated speed of the tires.

Risk of accident due to tire damage at high speed.

  • Observe the maximum permissible speed for the tyres.

With studded or winter tyres, the maximum permissible speed for the tyres must be observed.

Attach a label specifying the maximum permissible speed in the field of view of the instrument cluster.

Risk of poisoning

Exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide, which is colorless and odorless but highly toxic.

WARNING Harmful exhaust gas

Danger of suffocation

  • Do not inhale exhaust fumes.
  • Do not run the engine in closed rooms.

Burn hazard

CAUTION Intense heating up of engine and exhaust system while riding

Burn hazard

  • After parking the motorcycle, make sure that no persons or objects come into contact with the engine and exhaust system.

Catalytic converter

If misfire causes unburned fuel to enter the catalytic converter, there is a danger of overheating and damage.

The following must be observed:

  • Do not run the fuel tank dry.
  • Do not run the engine with the spark-plug cap removed.
  • Stop the engine immediately if it misfires.
  • Use unleaded fuel only.
  • Comply with all specified maintenance intervals.


Unburned fuel in the catalytic converter

Damage to catalytic converter

  • Note the points listed for protection of the catalytic converter.

Danger of overheating

ATTENTION Engine idling for a lengthy period while at a standstill

Overheating due to insufficient cooling; in extreme cases vehicle fire

  • Do not allow the engine to idle unnecessarily.
  • After starting, ride off immediately.


ATTENTION Modifications to the motorcycle (e.g. engine control unit, throttle valves, clutch)

Damage to the affected parts, failure of safety-relevant functions, expiration of warranty

  • Do not make any modifications.

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