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Safety Test


Before each ride, carry out a safety check using the checklist.

Take the safety check seriously. Carry out maintenance activities before you start your ride or ask a specialized dealer to do so.

This will provide you with the certainty that your motorcycle corresponds to traffic regulations.

A technically faultless motorcycle is a basic requirement for the safety of both yourself and other road users.

Before starting your ride, check the following:

  • Steering (smooth and free play)
  • Engine oil quantity
  • Fuel quantity
  • Front brake
  • Rear brake
  • Tyres (profile and pressure)
  • Telescopic fork
  • Load / lights
  • Total weight
  • Lights
  • Brake fluid (lever)
  • Brake (operation)


While the engine is running or the ignition is on , do not touch the ignition system.


The exhaust system becomes very hot.

While riding, idling or parking, make sure that to inflammable materials (e.g. hay, leaves, grass, coverings or luggage, etc.) can come into contact with it!

Load / lights


For the sake of your safety, use only original accessories or products released by us.

We cannot judge for each third-part product whether it can be safely used in combination with your scooter.

Nor can a official approval give such a guarantee in all cases, since the test scope is not always sufficient.


Our accessories and approved products as well as qualified advice are available from all specialized dealers.

Correctly loaded

  • Make sure that the left-right weight distribution is balanced.

  • Check that fastenings are correct and tight.

  • Do not transport bulky loads.

  • Do not cover the lights.


The total allowable weight may not be exceeded.

Check the tyre pressure.

Checking the lights


Before any ride, check the operation of all lighting components.

  • Check that the headlamps and lenses are clean.

Ride safely


Riding safety is largely also determined by the manner of riding.


  • Put on a tested / approved safety helmet and correct close the buckle.
  • Wear suitable protective clothes.
  • Rest your feet on the footrests.
  • Do not ride if your riding ability has been compromised.

Your reactions can be adversely affected not only by alcohol, but also by drugs and medicines.

  • Strictly observe all traffic regulations.
  • Always adapt your riding speed to the traffic and road conditions.

On smooth, slippery roads take into account that your riding stability and braking power are limited by the grip of the tyres on the road top.

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