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Frame / Seats

Rear Seat Removal

  • Insert the ignition switch key [A] into the seat lock, turning the key clockwise, pulling the front part of the seat [B] up, and pull the seat forward.


Rear Seat Installation

  • Insert the rear seat hook [A] under the rear frame [B].
  • Insert the seat hook [C] into the latch hole [D].
  • Push down the front part of the seat until the lock clicks.


Front Seat Removal

  • Remove the rear seat (see Rear Seat Removal).
  • Remove the front seat bolts [A], and then remove the front seat [B] by pulling the rear of it up and backward.


Front Seat Installation

  • Insert the front seat hooks [A] under the brace of the fuel tank bracket [B].
  • Install the front seat bolts.


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