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Frame / Fairings

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 Kawasaki Z1000SX - Service manual > Seats

Rear Seat Removal Insert the ignition switch key [A] into the seat lock, turning the key clockwise, pulling the front part of the seat [B] up, and pull the seat forward.

 Kawasaki Z1000SX - Service manual > Lower Fairing Removal

Remove: Quick Rivets [A] Remove: Quick Rivets [A] (Both Sides) Remove: Bolts [A] Right Side [B] Left Side [C] Pull out the lower fairing [D] outward to clear the projections [E]. Pull out the lower fairing upward to clear the projection [F] (right side only). Clear the projection [A] (Both Sides). Pull the lower fairing [B] rearward to clear the hook portions [C], and remove the lower fairing by moving it downward (Both Sides). Disconnect the turn signal light lead connector [A] (Both Sides).