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Service information


  • A hoist or equivalent is required to support the motorcycle when servicing the front wheel, fork and steering stem.
  • A contaminated brake disc or pad reduces stopping power. Discard contaminated pads and clean a contaminated disc with a high quality brake degreasing agent.
  • Do not operate the brake lever after removing the front wheel.
  • Use only tires marked "TUBELESS" and tubeless valves on rim marked "FOR TUBELESS".
  • After the front wheel installation, check the brake operation by applying the brake lever.
  • CBR650FA, CB650FA: After the front wheel installation, perform the air gap inspection.
  • For brake system service.


Hard steering

  • Insufficient tire pressure
  • Faulty tire
  • Steering stem adjustment nut too tight
  • Worn or damaged steering beatings
  • Worn or damaged steering beating races
  • Bent steering stem

Steers to one side or does not track straight

  • Bent axle
  • Wheel installed incorrectly
  • Worn or damaged wheel bearings
  • Bent fork leg
  • Damaged or loose steering bearings
  • Damaged frame
  •  Faulty wheel bearing

Front wheel wobbles

  • Bent rim
  • Faulty tire
  • Worn or damaged wheel bearings
  • Loose axle
  • Unbalanced tire and wheel

Wheel hard to turn

  • Faulty wheel bearings
  • Bent axle
  • Brake drag

Soft suspension

  • Low tire pressure
  • Weak fork spring
  • Low fluid level in fork
  • Incorrect fork fluid weight (low viscosity)

Stiff suspension

  • High tire pressure
  • Bent fork tube
  • Fork slider binds
  • High fluid level in fork
  • Incorrect fork fluid weight (high viscosity)
  • Clogged fork fluid passage

Front suspension noise

  • Loose fork fasteners
  • Incorrect fork fluid weight (low viscosity)
  • Worn slider of fork tube bushing

Component location


CBR650FA shown:

Front wheel/suspension/steering


CB650FA shown:

Front wheel/suspension/steering

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