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Technical data, Service

Technical data

Troubleshooting chart

Engine does not start.

Troubleshooting chart

Bluetooth connection is not established.

Troubleshooting chart

Bluetooth connection is disrupted.

Troubleshooting chart

Phone book is not displayed in the TFT display.

Troubleshooting chart

Active route guidance is not displayed in the TFT display.

Troubleshooting chart

Threaded fasteners

Troubleshooting chart

Troubleshooting chart


Troubleshooting chart

Engine oil

Troubleshooting chart


Troubleshooting chart

Troubleshooting chart


Troubleshooting chart


Troubleshooting chart

Rear-wheel drive

Troubleshooting chart


Troubleshooting chart


Troubleshooting chart

Troubleshooting chart


Troubleshooting chart

Troubleshooting chart

Wheels and tires

Troubleshooting chart

Troubleshooting chart

Electrical system

Troubleshooting chart

Anti-theft alarm system

Troubleshooting chart


Troubleshooting chart

Troubleshooting chart


Troubleshooting chart

Performance data

Troubleshooting chart


Reporting safety defects

If you think that your motorcycle has a fault which may cause an accident, injury or death, you must inform the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) immediately and BMW of North America, LLC.

If the NHTSA receives other similar complaints, it may open an investigation. If it finds that a safety defect exists in a group of vehicles, the NHTSA may order the manufacturer to perform a recall and remedy campaign. However, the NHTSA cannot become involved in individual problems between you, your authorized BMW Motorrad retailer, or BMW of North America, LLC.

You can contact the NHTSA by calling the Vehicle Safety Hotline on 1-888-327-4236 (Teletypewriter TTY for the hearing impaired: 1-800-424-9153) for free, by visiting the website at http:⁄⁄ or by writing to Administrator, NHTSA, 400 Seventh Street, SW., Washington, DC 20590. Further information on vehicle safety is available at http:⁄⁄

BMW Motorrad Service

With its worldwide retailer network, BMW Motorrad can attend to you and your motorcycle in over 100 countries around the globe. Authorized BMW Motorrad retailers have the technical information and expertise needed to conduct reliable service and repairs covering every aspect of your BMW.

You will find the nearest authorized BMW Motorrad retailer to you at our website:

WARNING Improperly performed maintenance and repair work

Accident hazard caused by subsequent damage

  • BMW Motorrad recommends having corresponding work on the motorcycle carried out by a specialized workshop, preferably by an authorized BMW Motorrad retailer.

To ensure that your BMW consistently remains in optimal condition BMW Motorrad urges you to observe the recommended service intervals.

Have all maintenance and repair work confirmed in the "Service" chapter in this manual. Documentation confirming regular maintenance is essential for generous treatment of claims submitted after the warranty period has expired (goodwill).

You can obtain information on the contents of the BMW Services from your BMW Motorrad retailer.

BMW Motorrad Service History


Maintenance work that has been performed is recorded in the diagnostics and information system.

Like a Service Booklet, these entries provide proof of regular maintenance.

If an entry is made in the vehicle's electronic Service Manual, service-related data is stored on the central IT systems of BMW AG in Munich, Germany.

When there is a change in vehicle owner, the data entered in the electronic Service History can also be viewed by the new vehicle owner. A BMW Motorrad retailer or specialist workshop can view the data entered in the electronic Service Manual.


At the BMW Motorrad retailer or specialist workshop, the vehicle owner can object to the entry of data in the electronic Service Manual with the related storage of data in the vehicle and the transfer of data to the vehicle manufacturer during his time as the vehicle owner. In this case, no entry is made in the vehicle's electronic Service Manual.

BMW Motorrad Mobility Services

The BMW Motorrad Mobility Services furnish you and your new BMW motorcycle with extra security by offering a wide array of assistance services in the event of a breakdown (BMW Roadside Assistance, breakdown assistance, vehicle recovery and retrieval, etc.).

Contact your authorized BMW Motorrad retailer for additional information on available mobility-maintenance services.

Maintenance procedures

BMW Pre-Delivery Check

The BMW pre-delivery check is carried out by your authorized BMW Motorrad retailer before it turns over the vehicle to you.

BMW Running-in Check

The BMW running-in check must be carried out between 300 mls (500 km) and 750 mls (1200 km).

BMW Service

BMW Service is carried out once a year. The scope of the services performed may be dependent on the motorcycle owner and the mileage driven. Your BMW Motorrad retailer confirms that the service has been performed and enters the date for the next service.

For riders who drive long distances annually, it may be necessary to come in for service before the entered date. In this case a corresponding maximum odometer reading will also be entered in the confirmation of service. If this odometer reading is reached before the next service date, service must be performed sooner.

The service interval indicator in the display reminds you of the next service date approx. one month or 620 miles (1000 km) before the entered values.

More information on the topic of service is available at:

The required scope of maintenance work for your motorcycle can be found in the following maintenance schedule:

BMW Service

Maintenance schedule

  1. BMW Running-in check (including oil change)
  2. BMW Service Standard Scope
  3. Engine oil change with filter
  4. Oil change in the rear bevel gears
  5. Check valve clearance
  6. Replace all spark plugs
  7. Replace air cleaner insert
  8. Check or replace the air filter element
  9. Change brake fluid in entire system
  1. annually or every 6000 miles (10000 km) (whichever comes first)
  2. annually or every 12000 miles (20000 km) (whichever comes first)
  3. when used off-road, annually or every 6000 miles (10000 km) (whichever comes first)
  4. for the first time after one year, then every two years

Maintenance confirmations

BMW Service standard scope

The repair procedures belonging to the BMW Service standard package are listed below. The actual maintenance work applicable for your vehicle may differ.

  • Performing the vehicle test using the BMW Motorrad diagnosis system
  • Visual inspection of the clutch system
  • Visual inspection of the brake lines, brake hoses, and connections
  • Checking front brake pads and brake disks for wear
  • Checking the front wheel brake fluid level
  • Checking the rear brake pads and brake disk for wear
  • Checking the rear wheel brake fluid level
  • Checking coolant level
  • Check side stand for ease of movement
  • Checking the center stand for ease of movement
  • Checking the tire pressure and tread depth
  • Check the tension of the spokes and tighten as needed
  • Checking the lighting and signal system
  • Functional check for engine starting suppression
  • Final inspection and road safety check
  • Set the service date and remaining distance using the BMW
  • Motorrad diagnostic system
  • Checking charging state of battery
  • Confirm the BMW service in the vehicle literature


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